James Reid and Nadine Lustre for Never Not Love You

Monday, April 02, 2018

Never Not Love You

This is not a review but more of an observation and what to expect in the new JaDine movie Never Not Love You.

Hearing the word #JaDine alone would prolly make you think that it’s going to be all about milennial love, or run of the mill tweetums love story, but no. They met by circumstances, Gio and Joanne eventually went into names, then courtship, you really would feel they really liked each other.

They were struggling, Joanne an 8-5 employee, the other an artist. They are trying to find their “thing”, telling a story about their dreams, Joanne wants a dream job (very specific), while Gio just wants to be happy. It felt like they were trying to work on their lives from different sides of the spectrum. They matured, so this wouldn’t be appropriate for teenagers from the conversation alone, plus there are lots of kissing scenes left and right. Their work made them go places, that’s where London comes in. The trials of the long distance relationship wasn’t gonna be easy, that’s where it probably started going downhill. Who’s happiness were they going to find? Who’s going to be a priority? How much are you going to sacrifice for the one you love? Do you stay miserable while the other one lives a good life? What lengths would you go to just so you could keep them happy? Then ask themselves later on if they still love each other, after time has changed them, will that still hold true?

If you would want to know how they answer these questions, then it’s time to watch Never Not Love You. It’s shows on theatres nationwide. This is one heck of a matured JaDine movie you wouldn’t expect from them, albeit experimental you’ll love how it was put on screen. Yes you’ll see good looking James and Nadine, but you’ll also see Gio and Joanne go through life’s struggles, and the beauty of adulting. Ask theatre owners to show it because it’s one JaDine project you shouldn’t pass. This is their transition, you’ll love how they’ll play husband and wife. 

It’s a promise to hold if it still applies, to Never Not Love You.

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