The Biggest Waterpark in Asia: Kamia Bay Resort Palawan

Friday, March 30, 2018

Nothing beats a watermark than a fat face that's already in a photo hahahaha!

A vacation in Palawan probably would mean El Nido, Coron, or that Underground River adventure that most tourists actually go to. A little known fact is, there are actually superb places you can go to just a little outside of Puerto Princesa City. A few only know about it but hopefully, that’s about to change. Really, there’s MORE things in Palawan that people should know about.

This is our second day here, woke up early to travel about 30-45 minutes away from Puerto Princesa City proper. The reason being, KAMIA Bay Resort in Palawan. It’s located at Baranagay Luzviminda along Binunsalian Bay. It’s a rarely new property being developed as an adventure sanctuary housing the BIGGEST Aquapark structure in Asia complete with a 30 and 40 foot slide in a stretch of 3,800 square meters of a floating island that sits a few kilometers away from Honda Bay.

One side of Kamia Bay Resort where the whole thing stretches.

Now imagine the possibilities, the various things you could do here with your friends and family. You could go on this vast course traversing through a multitude of floating islands, air filled trees, big and small tubes, jumping points, a trampoline, and slides like small mountains on sea. Tumble and leap off of platforms with ease and without worries as they’ve got expert lifeguards on stand by at every part of the floating ark.

Aside from the nice course, they’ve also got a moderately designed bike course which would take you in and around the property. They also have pavillions and small huts so whether you’re a company or just a small family, you can take refuge in it during lunch or dinner, or house your belongings during day trips in fact. They also have Eco tours which you can take for your land lovin friends if the floating island would be too much. But here's a glimpse on how fun this whole trip was courtesy of the Aloha Palawan Facebook page!


The thing is, it’s also quite affordable. You can do Aquaplay for Php 788 which includes an hour of the Aquapark, an Ecotour and buffet lunch or go for the Php 1,488 for Unlimited time in it. They also have options for roundtrip transfers if you want it to be more convenient. We highly suggest you do what we did and start the adventures very early. You will be briefed for your own safety and if you prefer a little grip, they have specialized water shoes for rent so it’ll be easier for you to run around in your bikinis.

Take a nice dip, or simply lounge at their lovely villa huts.

Heck I won’t be selfish to share with you how fun it was. I also got to taste the cuisine prepared for us by the Chef who manages all the food establishments in their other properties. Check out my adventures at Kamia Bay Resort!

It was pretty hard to leave that place after the fun I had with new friends. I got to know more of them and how a family built this resort. It looks promising that they can host guests during day time and perhaps soon, they’ll have some villas for people to stay in. They also currently have a haven for artists which they house in a secluded part of their resort which they deem would be a way to “pay back” the community and the country with “culture”.

For dinner, we freshened up at the hotel first then dressed up a bit. We went to Princesa Garden Resort and Spa which was near the Puerto Princesa International Airport. We walked a bit inside and off to the shore for their Asian themed restaurant called GOLDEN ELEPHANT which was on stilts. It was very romantic, I felt bad that I was single and had to see all the couples who were there. The food was also exquisite as you may have seen on the video, you just want to stay there the whole night. Albeit friendly to families, I would recommend this mostly for pairs who would want some quiet time. It felt right, I want to go back there and bring someone to propose haha!

Anyway, it was all part of a super happy day for me to just experience what Puerto Princesa City and it’s nearby towns had in store for travelers - and those who just want to have a nice relaxing vacation. I loved every bit of it.

If you want to go to Kamia Bay Resort, simply search for them at Facebook and message them. They can make arrangements for large groups and family. Same goes for Princesa Garden Resort and Spa which has rooms and spa services too. It’s easy because everything should be hassle free, make sure you make your own vacation stress free!