GINEBRA’s Scottie Thompson Endorses Icy Cool Shake

Sunday, March 18, 2018

The most popular team there is in the Philippine Basketball Association is GINEBRA, it can go to many forms but the legendary franchise has always captured the hearts of the Filipinos and meeting the players during an event years back was but an opportune time because not everyone has been able to do that. If you are fan of the team, you know there are standouts and if my hunch is right you'll hear the name of Scottie Thompson in it. Peope probably think he's an american, or a fil-am, or a european but no, he's a full blooded Filipino who's born and raised in Mindanao particularly in Digos City, Davao.

We talked to him for a few minutes as he is now the new endorser of new ice cream franchise business called ICY COOL SHAKE. The very nice owner also told us about their humble beginnings and how their simple food business took off by doing research and development for a few months. Their secret? The perfect blend of ice and creaminess of their product, a thing that has never been achieved by their competitiors. They felt this is the prime time to come out with it because it's summer. It's the perfect business also that OFW's or just any ordinary joe could invest in.

Here's the interview we did for them in two parts, I was a little giddy, actually happy because of how people would recieve this. Anybody can have a business with an affordable price, a good business plan and location would help too and they are open to work with you if that needs to be done.

For those who would want to know more about getting their own franchise from ICY COOL SHAKE, you may get in touch with Ms Icy Mendoza 046 4027282 or their mobile number 09177051345. You can also email them via or visit their website Or simply message them at ICY COOL SHAKE on Facebook because they also have it there.

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