Chef Luigi Muhlach’s LUMU Beerhouse and Filipino Kitchen

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Filipinos have always shyed away from actually eating their own dishes because they’ve always had it, grew tired of it, and perhaps the lack of imagination of people. I often walk in the Greenbelt 3 area to and from events and if you’re familiar with the place and go up the escalator, there’s a stretch of restaurants on the right side that’s not much frequented by people. Well I think that’s about to change now. You’ll see a pretty line of window panes with the letters LUMU. You see, showbiz royalty and Chef Luigi Mulach has just set up shop at this side of town and called it such because of his names sake, and what people used to put in their love letters when it was still done, it means “Love U and Miss U... cheesy I know but it fits the bill. We attended their grand launch together with his friends in the industry, showbusiness and his relatives. Not to mention his super proud parents Aga Mulach and Janice De Belen. Igi Boy has indeed made strides.

I heard about his story, and putting up this restaurant wasn’t that easy because if you’re like me who frequent food bazaars, you’ll see Luigi do the legwork. He prepares the food himself, serve it to customers and it has been like that for a couple of years. So just seeing this happen made him a little bit teary eyed, I could feel how hard he’s worked for it.

I guess it stems from what hits home, this new venture wasn’t much like a posh fine dining restaurant and he wanted it to be a bit more relaxed where friends and family could hang out after office hours. Just casual, not to dressed up, not a speakeasy pub, but more of a beerhouse. The difference though is that it’s not like the ones that your Titos would probably frequent to, no GRO’s, no noisy videoke machines, but nice sturdy tables and chairs, a tight spot in the middle for a band setup, so you could enjoy singing along every night paired with ice cold beer and good pulutan. The food is where the adventure begins too.

That evening, we had the privilege to see Ogie Alcasid sing on stage with the lovely 80’s hits. Staples in my books, I really enjoyed it!

The Chicken Sisig, served on a hot plate. Mix it up and see how the egg yolk envelopes the chopped chicken meat, simple yet delectable, perfect to pair with beer!

Inihaw Samplers, a good treat for those who want good streetfood. It’s got chicken intestines, pork intestines, pork skin, and sweet pork barbecue.
This is their Cuapao, done like a sloppy joe so it’s a little like east meets west. This is good for starters.
Their Seafood Sampler, they know how to cook. No tough pieces, eat it while it’s hot!

They also have goat on the menu aka Kambing Sampler. The Papaitan, and several soup dishes are hearty and comforting, if you want something during a cold night, ask about it there.

This one I’d highly recommend, if you’re a little adventurous that is. It’s native sausages done in different ways. Each piece described according to flavour(adoring Filipino play on words), ingenious.

For the piece de resistance, this is their Lechon Kawali. The perfect cut of pork, lightly salted in brine (probably) then deep fried. I love the crispy skin, soft meat, which you can dip in spiced vinegar or other sauces. I love this a lot. Perfect for Keto.

Aside from these lovely dishes, they’ve got an extensive array of local and international beers. Not to mention even the Mucho size of a popular local one, so you get to save a buck or two compared to dining spots within the area. They have a pretty mean sago and gulaman, Mango drink that they do with flare. They also have cocktails served in glasses or pitchers, I bet they expect you to crawl out happy after all that booze. Try their proteins, the happy conconctions, it’s not that expensive either.
Chef Luigi Mulach

The dedication, the inspiration to serve hearty meals and well done Filipino dishes in a simple setting, plus how he wants to go to the roots of how the barkada system works, making it still affordable, that in itself will spell the success of this new place. Visit LUMU Beerhouse and Filipino Kitchen today at the 3rd Floor of Greenbelt 3 in Makati City. If you would like to hold events or have reservations, call 504-5240.

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