The 70 Peso UNLI YANG CHOW at Super Bowl of China

Monday, March 26, 2018

Yes you read that right. It’s the 7th time they’re doing this and it’s all because of your patronage and unending support. If you haven’t eaten at a Super Bowl of China branch yet, then you better now (OMG DROP EVERYTHING) because the UNLI YANG CHOW promo is only until the 30th of this month and yes we are not joking.

Imagine eating bowls and bowls and bowls of YANG CHOW Fried Rice but only pay Php 70 for it. Yes ladies and gentlemen, believers of the legion of RICE IS LIFE, there exists UNLI YANG CHOW and I tried it on myself last week. But before that, I’d like to show you the other things you can enjoy while you’re in the same restaurant. Mom approves of everything, she loved the minute I chose these things on the menu. I couldn’t see why LOL!

House Kropek, dimsum hits Hakaw and Pork Siumai for starters. I love them all!

I got the Hot and Sour Soup, Mom had the Chicken and Corn I think. It was just something to prepare us with before the big feast!

Oh don’t mind this, it’s just the LECHON MACAU that is dipped in hoisin sauce. Did I forget to mention that it was crispy? Oh no.

Two things, the first one above is the Schezuan Fried Fish(crispy outside but soft and flaky inside), then the other one is Steamed Fish (lovely and not too fishy, a healthy alternative). Order both for family lunch or dinner!

Crispy Noodle, as the name says, so crunchy, and the veggies are all good to the bite. Mom loved it!
Braised Beef with Kailan (Kailan Mo Ba Mapapansin Ang Aking Joke!) which was so good and so tender. Even Mom on dentures had an easy time chewing it!

The star of the show, the UNLI YANG CHOW Fried Rice. Their version is a lot on the eggy side so you get that depth of flavor and real shrimp bits, chorizo and all the things good in life. Remember, RICE IS LIFE!

Here’s how I ate everything with my Mom that morning. Remember you can eat from 11AM to 2PM and 6PM to 8PM to get it at that price. Take advantage of it because as I mentioned, it will only be until March 30!

Now go gather your friends, your officemates and family. Pay for only 70 pesos for legitimate good YANG CHOW only from the best people who can do it. That’s SUPER BOWL OF CHINA!

Don’t take my word for it, go try it out yourselves like we did in the SM Megamall Atrium Branch.

*burp* excuse me!

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