BDO and Huawei Join Forces to Provide Inclusive Financial Services for Filipinos

Saturday, July 24, 2021

If you are currently using any form of online banking in the Philippines, cosider yourself lucky. Over half the population only have access to that and although a lot of Filipinos have access to the internet and social media, a lot have still no access through financial technology.

We have all been very active online which you probably see on online voting competitions when a Filipino bet is included. BDO knows at the current rate, they need to improve more of their services so Filipinos have access to it. April this year, BDO launched BDO Pay which is a mobile wallet solution so more people have access to digital banking and contactless payment systems. This expansion was made possible through Huawei's OceanStore Dorado All Flash Storage solution which does reliable, secure and future proof way of storing information on the cloud platform. It safeguards all of the data of the bank including transaction history. This solved a lot of BDO's infrastructure needs over the years and since business grew, they needed to scale up fast, safe and efficiently.

The old system needed automation and this solved it including operation and maintenance of the system. Previously, they got hounded with complaints on certain occasions that they did it through manual ways. Digitizing made it accurate, easier to diagnose and very efficient. BDO also upgraded to Vitual Private Cloud as part of their innovations, and with Huawei right by their side, they'll maintain BDO's leading post as the largest bank in the country.


TV5 and ABS-CBN Partnership Boosts Primetime Audience

Friday, July 23, 2021

It's been a while since ABSCBN shows have been shown on TV5 after its closure a year ago. It became possible through a partnership of Cignal TV and ABS-CBN which initially was done for the airing of select Kapamilya shows on TV5. This has paved the way for primtime shows like FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (of Coco Martin of course!), Huwag Kang Mangamba (with the GOLD Squad), Init Sa Magdamag (of Gerald Anderson, JM De Guzman and Yam Concepcion) and La Vida Lena (of Erich Gonzales) to be shown to a wider audience on free to air broadcast and has reached a lot of its subsidiary networks in Visayas and Mindanao.

Media5 Chief Operating Officer Dino M. Laurena says “As TV5 aired ABS-CBN’s primetime programs, it has also increased the network's audience shares. This has been seen in Mega Manila and other regions in the country. We are so grateful for the Cignal TV and ABSCBN content partnership which has made these all possible."

Make sure you're tuned in on TV5 as these hit shows from ABSCBN on Cignal TV and TV5.


GVBoys on Puregold Channel Surpassed 1M Views


If you haven't seen it yet, then you're missing a lot. Jerome Ponce, Nikko Natividad, Dave Bornea stars on the hit digital show GVBoys which you can stream for FREE on the Puregold Facebook Page and the Puregold Channel on YouTube. The folks from Puregold Channel knows that you're loving the first two episodes already as it has reached over 1 Million views as of today. This is a feat that they really appreciate because they made this with YOU in mind.

Just like any country that has been dealing with the pandemic, the Philippines has been dealing with the COVID-19 virus for about a year now and they thought of bringing in FREE entertainment so even for a few minutes, you can take your mind off things and laugh with the antics of these three guys as they experience love, romance, failures and fun with their community. Ms. Carmi Martin and Wilma Doesnt will also add more spice in the mix as they too have their own love team in the show, plus a lot more conflict between their characters like when the first episode came out.

Search for PuregoldShopping on Facebook and Puregold Channel on YouTube to see the third installment this Saturday. You can't miss the funny episodes they planned this week!


Jose Maria College Signs Deal with Huawei

Jose Maria College (JMC), a private non sectarian school founded by Pastor Apollo Quiboloy in Davao City just signed a deal with tech giant and innovations player Huawei in hopes to be ready for the 5th industrial revolution in running school technology. It was formally done last July 6th 2021 and with it comes a throng of platforms and tools that would help students reach educational materails easily via propreitary Learning Management Systems, Virtual Laboratories, VR systems, Smart Campus and so much more.

Ken Sentorias the ICT Directorof JMC says "Our companies are in the same page when it comes to commitment which is to deliver the best educational tech. This just means the opportunities for growth in our sector will be limitless now that we have them as our partners."

JMC believes this will bring the institution closer to its goal of delivering quality education throughn IT just like in Japan, China and the US. They are planning to announce something even bigger next year so stay tuned for that!


SANOFI PH Holds Event on Power To Love Yourself

The importance of self care has something Filipinos have less grasp of because we often sacrifice ourselves for family or friends. It's something that we do because of culture, our being family-centric and the pressures of society to become successful so you can provide for your loved ones. Question is, if you don't take care of yourselves, how can you take care of others?

In a recent event of Sanofi PH, they invited speakers and executives to talk about how we can use our energy and time to also do self love. How do you do it? Simple things, taking a long hot bath, taking a vacation, eating the best dish there is, or spending time pampering yourself. It's not only healthy for the body, but even the mind if you do that. During these days wherein times are blurred between work and time for family (because we're practically all working at home), we need to make sure that we have that ME time. It's a time to recharge before you do work, or maybe take time to rest right after that.

Self care is long term, you do it so you don't implode. It can be as simple as talking to someone, making meaningful connections, to make sure you have a healthy mental well being. We have to make sure that we have ourselves taken cared of so we won't fall off our horses when the actual rodeo starts. It was nice to hear insights from ladies who handle it well during the IG live session. Thank you Sanofi for inviting us this afternoon!


Puregold Channel's GVBoys Spews Romance This Saturday

Thursday, July 22, 2021


When I attended Puregold Channel's press conference a few days ago, they introduced a new show called GVBoys. After their premiere about a week ago, social media has been abuzz about how fun this digital series is who's concept was done by Puregold Price Club Inc. Times are hard and to make things lighter, the show aims to provide free entertainment to lessen the burden and stress during the pandemic. This is written by Sherwin Buenavida and Joaquin Acosta, and directed by Don Cuaresma (who's done a lot of TV series). You can liken this to the 80's hit show Palibhasa Lalake but with newer, fresher take on it. 

I've watched the first few episodes and had so much to say about the personalities of Jawo, Zeus and Daks (Jerome Ponce, Dave Bornea and Niko Natividad). The guys had to figure out a way to get money for their landlord Aling Perly (played by Carmi Martin) because they're being pressured to pay up her debt. Loisa (Wilma Doesnt) isn't going to accept any excuses so they went all out with ways to earn and pay for it, some of which was too hot to handle because of the naughty ways Jawo, Zeus and Daks thought of doing it. Now, it's been viewed around 1 Million times on Facebook, Youtube and Puregold's various social channels.

Wouldn't you like to be with them boys?

If you haven't seen it yet, they're coming out with a third installment this July 24 (which is a Saturday) at 7PM. For sure, they're going to have so much fun as previews show some budding romance with different characters so you've got to see it. Make sure you catch the GVBoys on Puregold Channel's YouTube and Facebook accounts, subscribe and like their pages including @puregold_ph accounts on IG and Twitter. It's all there!


MAINE MENDOZA: The Face of GigaPay

You love her, adore her, find her cute, and super funny. She's the Dubsmash queen Maine Mendoza. I remember being there in person during an event when she was launched as an TNT brand ambassador together with Alden years ago when AlDub was super popular (still is now).

For those who don't know, GigaPay is the Smart way to pay inside the GigaLife app so you can have time for other things and conveniently do it there. You can purchase load, plans, pay bills without downloading the PayMaya app because it's all in the GigaLife app already. All you need to do is click on the link that says Link PayMaya App on the welcome splash screen that pops up when you open the GigaLife app. Enter your PayMaya details, activate the OTP and use it as if you've got PayMaya via web. Doing this will help you earn points, qualify for more promos and do easy payments, that's convenience you deserve!

GigaPay is also powered by PayMaya so you get the same security you get with the leading digital wallet brands in the country. Best of all, you've got Maine Mendoza as the endorser, she's all you need during the depressing rainy days! Haha!

To know more, just look for GigaPay on the GigaLife app today! You can download it off Google Play or the App Store on iOS.


Klea Pineda Opens Up on Why She's Not Joining Pageants YET

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Klea Pineda just renewed her contract with GMA and GMA Artist Center. With the Never Say Goodbye star doing this, what does she expect to do with GMA this year? For starters, there's a lot on the pipeline and aside from that, she'll be doing projects with other stars from the same network. We talked to her this afternoon after she signed with GMA and Artist Center executives.

Klea says "I don't really have an expectation, whatever the management chooses for me, what character I play, I'm willing to do it. I believe they won't give me something that wouldn't help with my career. I don't want to be stuck in one love team, I want to be with different leading men so I can grow as an actor. I want to work with my co starstruck batch like Arra, Jay, Ayra, Prince, it's been so long since I have worked with them, more so in a regular show. I wish we could do that. I chose to stay in GMA because they gave me a break, they gave me the opportunity, they opened doors to fulfill my dreams. I came from auditions, I lined up, I really started from scratch and they believe in me. In the future, I hope to have a family of my own but still work here as a Kapuso. Harlene and I was just hanging out, we recorded it and posted online and you can see how we bonded so fast like we have already worked previously. Max, Lauren, Ms. Snooky, we all worked for the first time and we bonded over that during the locked in taping. It's not the end of the pairing with Jeric, I am happy to be paired with others so I can learn from other artists, I don't want to be stucked in a loveteam and Jeric knows that I want to be with other leading men in this industry because you will learn a lot from other artists too. Jeric and I bonded over regional shows, when we promote things, we are together, we have coffee in the morning, he's a very good gentleman, but our friendship won't end there. We still send each other messages, we support each other, talk when we have shows and he's very supportive. Our friendship is very matured. I wish for a primetime show, but it will happen in time. I'll feel fulfilled when I hear my show will be next after 24 oras, and with Bea Alonzo of course."
Here's the rest of the interview on video, enjoy!

Klea will be working with Jak Roberto, Lauren Young and Snooky Serna on Never Say Goodbye under the GMA Entertainment Group so stay tuned for that!


YouTube Shorts NOW Available in the Philippines

I've been trying the beta of YouTube shorts and the format is promising. This was launched last July 13th and beta testing has been available for select countries including the Philippines. The video for YouTube Shorts must be 59 seconds or less and vertical. If you're planning to repurpose your videos from other platforms, make sure the music you've used is copyright free. 

The editing tools include putting in text in a timeline, adding music, flipping front and back camera, a timer, and controlling speed of the video. It's pretty simple now, but they're probably planning to have more in the coming months. 

It also adds on your video list but I did put it on a playlist just to make sure it doesn't mess up my channel's thumbnail theme. These are exciting times because you can gain a lot more audiences in YouTube Shorts. I'll use it to update my community if I'm about to interview people, and post updates there. 

Here's my first YouTube Shorts Video!


These are exciting times! Go update your YouTube app and click the plus sign, you should see a Create Shorts Beta option on your mobile phone afterwards. Lovin it so far!


A Message of Peace from DS Loren Legarda this Eidul Adha

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

As announced by the Malacañan Palace, the 20th of July 2021 has been marked as a holiday for "Eidul Adha" or Feast of Sacrifice across the country. It also marks the end of Hajj or the pilgrimage to Mecca. It's also one of the largest occasions for Muslims worldwide marking the the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son Ishmael (also known as Abraham and Ismael) as a form of total obedience to God, but God intervened and used sheep for  the ritual instead. During this time, our Muslim brothers and sisters reflect on the act and offer special prayers.

In  a recent post, Deputy Speaker, Former Senator and Bai A Labi (Honorary Muslim Princess bestowed by the Marawi Sultanate League) Loren Legarda sent her wishes to the public in celebration of this day. She says "I hope the values of selflessness, obedience and faith would bring us peace, blessings and harmony. I join our brothers and sisters in the Muslim faith in commemorating the Feast of Sacrifice, Eid Al Adha Mubarak!"

Here's her full message on video from her Facebook page:

May we all see the value and reason why this has been celebrated for centuries and hope today, we remember it all so we become better, selfless individuals. May your homes be vessels of peace, devotion and be full of blessings! Eid Mubarak!


Tidy Up with Organized Chicas Lifestyle

Tidy bags, tidy life - and staying stylish is a plus. A new brand called Organized Chicas Lifestyle is Shaina Magdayao's first venture into retail together with her life long friend Nikki Medina. Her aesthetic, was simple clean lines, mostly fancied things like cotton or linen. They made a line of bags and accessories with a purpose of organizing your essentials to remain clutter free, practical, simple and stylish. She felt during this time, it is paramount to have things that have fabric sewn strong, washable, absorbent but still carries a certain chic that people would certainly appreciate. 

We talked to her while she was in The Farm at San Benito last week, she says "In the middle of pandemic, we thought of helping people, my partner and I are admittedly OC and when we started taping for Probinsyano we had to fix our own things. When it was all organized, I thought why not get this off the market and bring opportunities to the people who create these products. My blazer and tops are all Organized Chicas, all made of canvass, cotton, linen, not just bags now, but even clothes. I'm into classic but quality pieces, we made our own brand. This business has always been a dream and we've been very grateful for the support of everyone even in the middle of the pandemic. You need something practical, sustainable, thing that you can re-wash but go and use again. I'm grateful that my partner does really good quality control, the stitching, things like that always have been checked before we approve the product. The day to day management is difficult because I'm also taping episodes, but I'm grateful that this business is growing and is expanding. With God's grace we're still here. This is all about functionality, before we started, are the bags that I personally use in taping. The pockets outside, it can fit face shields, I always wanted things to be tidy and together with the bag, we also have inserts/organizers, it's our way to make sure you too can have that convenience. Very practical, so we didn't have much challenges in making these products. Nikki and I have been friends since high school, she's a professional makeup artist and we're kinda in the same business. We didn't see this coming that we would eventually become business partners, she's very hands on and I'm doing marketing for it. We complement each other and I guess it is our strengths. We're blessed that everything has been smooth sailing. We're being given something exciting, I hope we get to see this grow even more in the next few months. Even before we became business partners, having her around was like having people that I can trust. It's an advantage that we decide on things, and she's not just a partner, she's my friend."

Shaina then showed us a few pieces from their collection. They also sent us samples so we could see how the product looks like in real life. (Follow my stories @kumagcow on IG). Judging from the looks of it, the fabric is made of thicker material, but overall, it still feels that you can carry it around and never feel hot when it touches your skin. It's stitching is commendable, someone placed a real value on quality control and I didn't even see a fiber stick out on all corners.  



To budding entrepreneurs, Shaina reiterates "You have to be hands on.  With whatever that you're doing, you always have to remember to do what you love. Quality wise, I know we've got the best products compared to what's out there in the market. I personally used this and initially I just had a couple pieces customized with my initials, it has become instrumental on how I got into this business. I had to adjust my lifestyle because of the pandemic, I don't need the expensive ones because this can be washed easily and keep us safe. I felt that I had to open up myself more because this is how I am, I developed my sense of style, I'm not trendy, I choose things that are right and feel good. With my sisters business, I saw how you have to really manage it, do marketing, because we know showbiz isn't really forever, so you have to make sure you're wise with my investments. So far, I think I'm doing good."

She also had future plans and some answered wishes from current customers. Shaina says "We all started with all original canvass, but people have been requesting for colors and starting today we're offering black, army green, and perhaps blue ones after this launch. We're also launching clothes soon, so stay tuned for that!"

If you want to see what Organized Chicas Lifestyle has to offer, follow their IG account @organizedchicas and order through there. This is a cause that will help a lot of people. Stay chic!



Monday, July 19, 2021

I've been covering photo shoots of celebrities for quite a number of years. This was kind of special as it's been a while since I've gone out because of the pandemic. I've seen a few photos of her online and getting to know a new artist might seem to be a chore for some, but I felt a little excited because Tyronne Escalante Artist Management had a gem in their hands. She's Sophia Stave, a Filipino American beauty from the province of Bukidnon which is an extensive plateau and mountainous area in Mindanao.

After living in San Francisco for a couple years, she and her parents went back to Malaybalay, Bukidnon 4 years ago for business and pleasure. She didn't know she'd end up representing the city through a pageant that didn't push through because of the pandemic. She was discovered through social media by TEAM (Tyronne Escalante Artist Management) and she's been riding the wave since then. 

Sophia has a soft heart for horses and she's been riding competitively since 2018 after tagging along with friends in the province. That's good news so if there would be stunts in projects that would require riding one, she'd wouldn't have to train for it. She also plans to take up Animal Science in college soon as it is clearly has become a passion. She also wants to make it far in showbiz, use this platform to good use and do well in every project she's involved in. Sophia also adores Liza Soberano which she feels she could connect to since they almost have the same background since she too came from the US. She also loves Daniel Padilla, which to me means she has good taste! Here's more of our interview with her at the studio on our video editorial.
We couldn't help but marvel on how she looks. She's very pretty even up close. These photos don't do justice (which I captured on mobile during the shoot).

Currently, Sophia is currently making herself busy at their farm in Bukidnon during the pandemic. She's taking lessons and watching more Filipino movies/series to learn more about the language and her craft. She's a bit flexible in roles she wants to do, she's both a princess and a toughie. Now if she lands in a network soon, you know you've seen her here first. Follow TEAM's Facebook page ( for more updates about her and other artists from their camp. 

You'll see Sophia Stave shine even brighter, soon!


Andrea Torres Says No Official Talk Yet on John Lloyd Cruz Project

Sunday, July 18, 2021

It's so refreshing to see Andrea Torres in GMA shows these days. She's definitely made a mark in The Better Woman, Victor Magtanggol, Contessa, Alyas Robin Hood, The Millionaire's Wife, My Faithful Husband, Pari 'Koy, Ang Lihim ni Annasandra and more but this new one with Dennis Trillo, Bianca Umali and Alice Dixson is going to be highly controversial as it delves on polygamy and religion, some of the most taboo things to talk and see on TV these days. We got to see her a few days ago via an interview online as she signed with GMA Artist Center again (renewal of contract) and during the blogcon, she told us a few more things about the upcoming show called Legal Wives wherein she'll be playing one of the wives. She's also the only one that's coming from a Christian upbringing which would not be easy to understand that she'll be living with two other wives under the same roof. Here's a video of that blogcon, please enjoy!

Andrea adds "It's very important for me that you are aware when you get on set, you condition yourself as a ray of sunshine, to make sure you lighten up peoples burdens. I also make it a point to make my projects better so the next one is even bigger. One of my favorite things is making back stories for the characers I play in series, I make sure I ask production, learn the script so I make sure to deliver and have the chance to make her come to life. The actions of Muslims to me now have a deeper meaning, they're very selfless, and when you watch this, you will see why they made sacrifices for Allah. It has changed how I view them, how they are family oriented, how they are as people. Diane and Ysmael are conflicted, but they love each other."

She also was aware to observe Muslim traditions while portraying the role and tells us "On set, we have Imams, we were taught how to pray, they also bring food, it was a different world. I really am amazed how they are with families, if it's too hard for them, they just follow what is on the Quoran, even if they don't want to do it, they do it right because it's there."

You'll probably be wondering how this would all feel as it gets shown on TV. Will you love her? Or hate her? That remains to be seen. She also has chosen to remain with GMA because she has grown to the actress that she is because of her experiences here. With the onset of actors going to GMA recently, she doesn't treat them as threats, but rather an opportunity to work with other actors that she wasn't able to in the past. She's raring to do that in the next few months, hopefully that John Lloyd Cruz project pans out if it is true, but so far there hasn't been an initiative for talk about it yet, so she would be happy to find out details about that soon.

Congratulations Andrea on your continued success with GMA Artist Center!


Huawei Does Good Beyond School Borders

Friday, July 16, 2021

Looks like STI College just got another feather to its hat as Huawei Philippines conferred to them the ICT Partner of the Year Award for 2020. For being an institution that makes sure their students are job, future and life ready, they have garnered the highest percentage of passing scores via Huawei Certifications of the Huawei ICT Academy. 

STI College also makes use of their existing Enrollment to Employment program in order to make sure their students get equipped with useful certifications they need to land the job in the outside world. Their curriculum is also adept, making sure they have the right equipment, highly skilled faculty to teach to keep their course is above standard. They have partner corporations who readily get students for training, preparing them for their dream jobs and getting them ready for 22 technical fields they can apply for. Oh and yes, the academy has over 100 certification exams you can take so there's so much of these that can coincide with your specialty/interest. Whether you're in cloud computing, big data, AI, networking or storage, they've got that assured and trusted with their different partners. Industry certifications are a big deal especially if your qualifications need something tangible, to start work from day 1.

It's very competitive out there and without these guarantees that they're getting the right people for the job, it would be costly for them to run businesses without the personnel who had the training. With Huawei and their partner schools further their cause, that New Value Together, Win Together call would be a reality. That's a good thing.


JAMES REID Does 3 "Mas Cool" Viral Videos for MOUNTAIN DEW

If it ain't broke, why fix it?

We've been confined in our homes for a little over a year now and since quarantine restrictions were set in Manila, entertainment was something that people have been looking forward to everyday. Perhaps to get their mind off things, or keep their family in high spirits.  Mountain Dew knows how important that is so aside from the usual Tiktok trends that people have been doing these past few months, they went in and started to put a new twist on it and held their new campaign "Mas Cool Pag May Dew Ice".

In it, they chose three viral videos and put James Reid and Dew Ice in the mix making it even cooler. First is the guy who got caught playing a game during online class who mistakenly got his mic on during a game. Second is everyone's favorite thing to do, watching K-Dramas and third is about the "Me and My Jowa Challenge" of which all, have garnered millions of views already. It just was made special as James appeared in all of them plus of course, Mas Cool Pag May Dew Ice right?

And of course, we can't just say it here, we had to try it ourselves! It's been so hot these past few months and this was just the refreshing drink I needed to have. I put it in the freezer for an hour or so and dang, it was so good right after a meal. It tasted sharp, it tasted like lime and it's not too sweet! It's also available in different sizes, but I want the bigger one so I could share with friends and family.

If you want to know more about Dew Ice and the fun we're having with it, just search for Mountain Dew Philippines on Facebook or look for @MountainDewPH on Instagram because they're posting these videos there too!

Keep it cool!


Bigger, Better and More Fun in SING GALING!

Just got off the Sing Galing Mediacon (when I was writing this article) and it was fun to see not just the  hosts but the actual contestants who made it far in this contest. Ultimately, it was not just plain singing that got them there, but passion, the calling to entertain people and the hunger to pursue their dreams each time they sing. Regelyn Fernandez, Kim Macaraig, Yuki Takahashi, Niko Badayos, Jean Jordan had their own individual stories to tell, one thing for sure was their lives have changed. Aside from the prizes they won from the show, they also got recognized in their own communities plus supportive fans from the show. Aside from that, ratings have been good so far and honestly, I like the format of it. It works! 

During the presscon, Zendee Tenerife shared her struggles with her health while the show was actually starting... she says "I had COVID during the first week of Sing Galing, I got over that even if I was having a hard time to host and sing. Nobody noticed and now I'm better. I'm really looking forward to talk and sing for fans online, my journey with Sing Galing has been very good so far and I can't wait to see more people join the show, and perhaps soon, to get and see the hosts of the show since we're still under quarantine."

Rey Valera on the other hand had a say with how this compares with the It's Showtime and says "There are two things that I can say this is different form my other shows. This is light, and there's a random factor. You may be good at singing but if you don't know the song, you'll probably lose because of the choices the randomizer makes. I don't sing my songs anymore because I feel like it's work when I'm trying to relax. I also use a guitar for production value. I think it's better! I'm a fan of K Brosas, she's a survivor, and she knows how to survive, I give great value to people who stay in this profession and maintain their careers til now. I have managed to do that because of the songs I made, it connected me to different generations, even if my fans already passed on, I still have a few that support me because I realize, I can still enjoy the moment because of the people that believe in me. I think about what to share especially in Singaling, if I could only do it in music and in life. They don't have to go through the same things that I have, but this is good. I look at them not as contestants, they equally are entertainers and not just here because they can belt out songs."

OPM Icon Jessa Zaragoza was asked about her doing a number on the show and what she tends to sing during off time to relax with videoke, she says "Of course I still sing my songs, I also sing covers but I tend to usually sing the light ones because it's time to relax. "



Ronnie Liang sang a few lines of Rey Valera's songs and said "I usually sing ballads, I am glad to have been able to work with Rey Valera because I often sing his songs. It's hard to tape several episodes and sing, and perform  the whole day. You don't know if you can maintain the energy, thank God we are able to deliver and stay safe during the few weeks we had to do this for the show. We get really encouraged as we get good feedback from the show, also see people that watch it. It's worth the effort, investment, time, we fulfilled our mission to give happiness and entertain a lot of people during this time." It was nice for him to share some of his experiences in taping the show, I've been to their set and it's very safe there because as soon as you reach the entrance, they ask you to use PPE's, masks, and make sure you follow protocols inside the studio.

K Brosas also told us about the difference of the show versus Sing Galing 2021. She says "TNT is a singing contest but Sing Galing is Videoke, it's not really a priority of sorts. You see the personality, you can do showmanship. It's chosen by the machine. Rey Valera's songs til now are relatable, Singaling made it trend and it blew up overnight on my Twitter account when I told people about the back story of these songs. It was about LGBT relationships, it was just now that people knew about it. Crazy how it felt after hearing about how the iconic songs were formed no?"

Now that there's more contestants bringing their A game and a lot more others who will join the show, there's nowhere to go but up! Happy birthday to Ms. K Brosas who was so fun during this interview, and I hope that they'll have a few more years to discover talented Filipinos and even greater entertainers. It's going to be heck of a lot of fun doing that in Sing Galing, and by the looks of it, they're not doing any disservice to the original show that was successful during its hey days. Sing Galing shows  on TV5's Todo Max Primetime block on weekdays. Thank you to Cornerstone who invited us to this event!


Niña Niño Now On Second Season, Expect More Drama and Fun!

aking waves in TV5 is the new Dramedy Niña Niño. Getting stellar reviews and consistently high ratings means a second season is about to come and we got to talk to some of the people behind the show a couple days ago, plus discussed a few things with the cast now that they're doing it again for the public.

Direk Thop Nazareno says "I'm thankful for the opportunity, this concept was just perfect to have during the pandemic, I hope we could inspire, because in a way we could help in making others forget about their problems, and we have God who we can call to when we do. It's something that I look forward to do each day, we are inspired about the support we get from people who watch our show. When we got news about the extension of our show, we felt we had a lot of people to entertain. During production, we don't have egos, all we want to do is make sure the show becomes better. We listen to the actors, we bond a lot and talk casually, we're a relaxed set and not try to impress each other. We even form stories when we're talking to each other, we have a say on storytelling. I don't think about it that it's on primetime because it might affect the way we tell the story, I take it as a challenge and be honest with ourselves if we put ourselves in the lives of the characters they play.

Noel Comia Jr says "In Nino, we didn't realize how big it is, we're so thankful people are watching and even my relatives close shop just so they could catch the show at home. I don't get tired anymore because it's wonderful to feel what our show can do. When Maja is in the scene, I feel I learn a lot from her. Her energy gives off that you have to do good because she's doing her best. I use my experience here in future work and episodes. The cast has been very supportive and they help me in scenes so I can feel the story per se. When it gets shown on TV, there are times when co actors point out things before we do the scene. That alone helps a lot especially when we have to do intense scenes. When I did the recent scene with Maja, I had to live in the moment and understand that I don't have my Grandma. The emotions were just super heavy and the people at my back were worried because I had to be in the zone, I had to prepare hours before that happened. Til now, I am in disbelief that we are having a mediacon for the series I'm in. I am thankful to Direk Toph, to Cornerstone, to TV5, to Spring, it wouldn't be possible without my parents who are very supportive. I am a bit overwhelmed though. Ate Maj always brings Jollibee on set and it's one of the unforgettable things I remember when shooting, but even if we're tired, we have lots of shots that we couldn't believe that it'll end up that way, the transformation from shooting here is different. I got to celebrate my birthday on set and everyone participated. As an actor, I can say yes it has changed me a lot in a good way. Everyday you learn things, you see what you can improve, plus the relationships you form with the cast is priceless. I love the things we do in between, it helps me in building confidence."

Empoy adds "Because in ABSCBN we already worked with Maja, it wasn't difficult to execute our scenes here. It was catchy, we had to throw lines and the feeling is light. I had to make sure she doesn't fall in love with me because we know. The actors here are super good, even the ones behind the camera. I hope to continue more seasons, like Marco Sison. I hope people continue to watch this show and be assured we're going to do our best!"

Moi Bien says "It's hard to do this during the pandemic and since we're locked in, we can focus on our work and still abide from protocols, we can't sacrifice our health and take care of other people in the set. We also change masks regularly, after takes we get reminded to do so. It's so good that we're following so we have jobs even during this time, it's a little sacrifice.

Dudz says "We have safety officers in place that do remind us of every step. We have them on set so we get reminded about social distancing, we can't allow people to come in. We just eat a lot on set so we do actually gain weight a little. "

Ahron Villena says "So far the crazy things we do on set continues off cam so we don't get stressed even if we're working hours on set. They're very cool to work with because even if I'm doing a guest role, it's pivotal to the other characters. I'm thankful to the production for having me!"

Lilet says "I am very excited to be here now as we're fully vaccinated, I had to go back to set and do this. I joke around on set and tell Direk Toph I'm ready for my scenes now that I got my doses."

Yayo Aguila says "I haven't stepped foot yet in Sta Ynez but I'll be having my own domain. The people behind Nina and Nino were really so warm, hope to see Noel after several days because we haven't seen each other physically. I always tell them that I'm impressed about how organized they are and follow protocols. It's not sugarcoated, this group is just so blessed because of the theme, the people, the way they handle things, I feel so cared for. You'll have to wait for our scenes soon!"

Kat Galang says "I have a lot of people that I wanted to work with especially with the theatre actors and they're here in the TV series. I also had the pleasure of praying for them during the start, and I'm blessed to work with them in that remote location. It would have been hard doing it in that sense especially with mental health on pressure because of the pandemic. It's good that we don't have signal there because we got to really talk and know each other, it feels good to be in the midst of these actors."

Niña Niño will show during weekdays on TV5's Todo Max Primetime slot so make sure you're tuned in on the Kapatid network and their affiliates (Cignal etc). Thank you to the kind people of Cornerstone for having us on this blog conference!


Go Shopping Philippines Issues Statement on Launch Postponement of Go Shopping app

Thursday, July 15, 2021

o Shopping Philippines recently announced the soft launch of their app this coming July 16, but this afternoon, they have sent a notice to media outlets about the postponement of the said launch because of app publishing issues that have been raised by the Go Shopping app developer on iOS. They issued an official statement about this, so please read the statement below.





July 15, 2021

It is with sincere apologies that Go Shopping Philippines, and GEP Solutions, our partner developer would like to inform our friends in the media and the general public that there is a need to postpone the Go Shopping Philippines soft launch tomorrow because until today, IOS is still needing time to continue review our registration.

Considering that this project is such a gargantuan system development, it is understandable that deep scrutiny will be done, and this is why we have submitted our application way ahead of time. However, the situation is aggravated by the fact that the pandemic has caused the Apple store to operate slower than usual and this is evident in their own statement in their website.

Furthermore, on June 7, 2021, Apple released new policies and guidelines that changed the scenario for the developers to adhere to- adjustments we had complied with already. We shall wait for our IOS approval in the next two weeks and will definitely open our E-Commerce site by the end of July whether we get our IOS accreditation or not. This means we will serve our customers with just the Android registration and people can download our site using only Google Play while waiting for Apple App to be functional. If we have our choice, it is best to launch with both Google Play and App Store together. However, if it takes longer time to wait for the other, we will proceed definitely, with just Google Play.

In the meantime, we will continue our Beta Testing while waiting for the IOS approval for two weeks more, and ensure that the system will be running smoothly, hopefully devoid of glitches and other threats. We understand that since there are many facets of our mega app that need deeper scrutiny so we do not blame Apple in doing what they need to do. Under the circumstances, however, we seek understanding from the general public and continue to communicate to all with excitement that alas, a Filipino mega E-commerce App is about to serve them. The soft launch will happen on July 31, 2021.


Looking forward to see this published soon as consumers from the Philippines deserve bigger, better retail services, and choose what platform they want to purchase essentials to stuff their pantries in.


Optimism Seen in the Future of Philippine Fabric and Weaving

Dropped by the talk about Philippine fabrics yesterday hosted by Humboldt University in Berlin wherein Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda was guest speaker along with Ms. Analyn Salvador-Amores from UP Baguio. It was entitled "Habi: Weaving Philippine Textiles Future" and it was quite a nice discussion on how those who care are strengthening their efforts to keep the weaving culture alive, learn more about regional designs, documenting it, reviving designs from museum archives (yes a long time ago), and perhaps where to see the industry flourish in the next couple of years.

Professor Dr. Vincent Houben from Humboldt University in Berlin says "I'm very happy to have this happen, to put in place this program to advance Philippine studies. The PH and Germany are close and very intertwined. Rizal spent quite some time here and we have lots of information about that. We're thinking in some scales we can focus with the Philippines and see in a context where there is a weaving connection. The Philippine culture needs to be seen in a broader sense. Through the program over the past couple of years, we're grateful that we have a lot who have done their studies about the country, welcome from Europe."

Analyn Salvador Amores the project leader of Cordillera Textiles Project UP Baguio says "Weaving communities in the Cordillera region exist and empower communities. Cordillera region is in North Luzon from the ranges in Apayao to the more central Nueva Vizcaya, an Igorot domain. Through trade, inter-marriage, weaving patterns have similarities in this study. These communities have a long history of weaving, you can see this in the tribal photos from various photos archived in the US, Russia and other countries. Textile are produced through natural fibers, and cotton, manually weaved with sticks passed on from generation to generation. Lowland Ilocanos introduced new ways through export and trade. Fabric was traded for goods, food, poultry and farm products. There is a decline in weaving in the region because of an aging population, decrease in master weavers, lesser interest in generations thereafter. The government has taken steps like endorsing acts for the use of Philippine tropical fabrics for uniforms of public officials, employees and festivals. They also enacted resolutions for research, put up school for living traditions that promote indigenous weaving but met challenges as it has been not sustainable, and has lesser funding access. In the recent years, there is a resurgence in textile weaving including geographical sourced Cordillera textiles identified with certain communities. The CordiTex currently is doing multi disciplinary research and vigorously documenting textiles. Now local weavers get to access records, learn and re-learn weavings as we continue to do anthropological fieldwork in the Cordillera."

Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda concentrated more on the resurgence on the demand for the more intricate production of Piña Seda (silk) fiber and says "We started in the school of oriental studies 5 years ago. There's so much I have to say about Pina Seda Weaving and Embroidery in the Philippines. It is not just done in my province of Aklan, but in different regions in the country. Traditional textiles are ties that bind, it links the past to the present and brings together cultures no matter how diverse it is. It's a synergy between workers and artisans, several hands are needed to make one fabric alone, not to mention the designer and embroidery of which women would hand make it from farm to shop. Since 1998 we have worked to enact this into law to not just protect but help the industry. The pineapple plant is not indigenous to the Philippines but we have made way to produce the red variety of fibers from it. It is laborious to produce it and the influx of imported fabric and fashion trends made it dwindle. With government efforts, provinces have been tapped to produce this including Aklan, the Bicol region, Cavite, Davao, Misamis Oriental, Laguna, Cagayan, Saranggani has been tapped to produce it. Mulberry farms are needed to produce silk in the Philippines, and demand has remained high for it. In a bid to produce more Pineapple fiber, machinery has been provided to farmer cooperatives in plantations so they can increase production  of pineapple fiber. There's a need for convergence of government agencies, so they can continue building capacity, promote domestic trade and do a systemic development in marketing the fabric. All of these are necessary to produce products to respond to immediate needs of the public. The DA should assure steady supply, DTI can help promote these fabrics through trade fairs both locally and abroad. TESDA can also do skills training for weavers and embroiderers and have a nurturing environment for this industry. It is one way of showcasing our traditional textiles in the hopes to further promote it in different markets. It takes support from legislation to make things happen, soon we will have more galleries in different parts of the country. We plan to put up documentation centers, conservation agencies, to help farmers, weavers, local textile manufacturers and establish centers where they can get services in processing. If there's a desire, there's a need, and we need to support them. It will also provide jobs for the countryside, the Philippine Piña Seda is a prized fabric and it is truly world class. I wish to go back in time and tell you that the task before us is to help our people value and continue our heritage, we must open doors of opportunities for weaving communities and promote greater support for our cultural enterprises."

Honestly, it was like a breather to hear them be optimistic about Philippine fabrics and with a good amount of systems in place, plus continuous efforts in policies and funding, the future looks bright for the weaving industry. It's definitely a pillar for the fashion industry and without the raw materials, how can one create? I feel as the economy is slowly going back to normal, this deserves the attention it should get. It's part of culture, and without it, we would cease to exist as Filipinos because it makes us who we are as a nation.


LG Outs Premium Line of Monitors in the PH

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

In the Philippines, we're still locked in at home and confined in our rooms. Work has resumed but it has changed, and we still can't sacrifice the quality of it no matter where we are in the world. Monitors are in demand now either for office functions, content creation or gaming, which is probably why LG is coming out with their own premium line so you can do that, and more. Your office space is evolving, not just for comfort, but to follow the needs of your work. In an event this evening, they announced a couple models that would fit what you need at home for work, or your gaming pleasure.

LG Philippines Managing Director Sungjae Kim says "We are launching these brand new monitors today to provide and deliver results. With these, you can achieve more in your passion projects, meet the UltraWide Ergo."

Ryan Nulud Head of IT Sales says "The new LG UltraWide Monitor has borderless design, can have a 2 screen split, HD, elevates texture, has sharpness and is pretty good for work."

Joross Gamboa says "Whether I'm editing, recording, playing games, you can see everything because of the screen space. The 5ms response time on this LG UltraWide™ monitor is amazing! I use it for content creation, social media, I watch everything at the same time. Casual gamers and streamers would love this and those who work at home would find this convenient as its got a wider space, 33 percent more than usual wide monitors."

Ace Photographer Magic Liwanag says "These ultra wide monitors particularly the LG UltraFine Display Ergo can help me see details, not just 4K, but the right accurate colors so editing is a breeze. It makes me work easy, see and display things like the real thing. I love the LG UltraFine Display Ergo."

Arianne Francisco adds "The LG UltraGear is NVIDIA G Sync compatible, objects are rendered clearly and you can see the action with its Nano IPS display. You can get faster frames, and better sound quality."

Myrtle Sarroza says "It is seamless, has high resolution even on fast paced games. It has improved my gaming experience, the fast IPS and refresh rate helps, you can improve on your game in no time. It might be a gaming monitor but I can use it for everyday work because I too work at home. I edit my photos and videos in it, all the content I post online has accurate colors because of it. I suggest you to add it to your cart now. The LG UltraGear™ is quite good."

Honestly, I actually need the one that Magic showed on the event. I play Valorant and CODM usually and it pains me to say that I couldn't see it all on the small screen. I need one that is wide, very detailed and something that I can use for work too. Wish it was Christmas already so people know what to give me as a gift LOL! If you want to know more about these monitors, check out the live stream posted on the LG Philippines Facebook page and get to know what you would need for your rig. Visit LG.COM.PH or their official stores on Shopee and Lazada.