Coca-Cola Shows You Real Magic

Thursday, December 09, 2021

Truth be told, we have history with Coca-Cola. This Christmas season, they're starting to tell us about community and togetherness, called aptly as "Buksan ang Magic ng Pasko".

This reminds us of the connections we make, with family, friends, with others. The human connection, the friendships we make, the community we help especially during the holidays in the country. Each time we go have a meal together, ending a plate of your favorite meal includes that fizzy, sharp and caramel like end which comes with a glass of coke. Coca-Cola's Marketing Director Cesar Gangoso says "Our Christmas has changed a bit in the past two years, but Coca-Cola has remained a part of everyone's story.

For them, magic is everywhere. You maybe alone, or in grandiose celebrations, or making memories while sharing with people we love dearly. The connections remain the same. Check out this video they've made for you.

By the way, this is just the star because they're having a lot of activities this holiday season. It's time you celebrate the #PaskongCocaCola you've always done through the years. It's not to late to reconnect, establish that magic once again inside your homes. Check the Coca-Cola Philippines Facebook page for more information about it.


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