GARY VALENCIANO Set to Perform in "riSing Together" and "Celebrate Christmas In Singapore"

Friday, December 10, 2021

The holidays are certainly here and together with that, Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano is set to perform in two international events this month. One is Gawad Kalinga USA's riSing Together, a virtual celebration of hope through world class music of Filipino artists. He will be there with the maestro Ryan Cayabyab, the Ryan Cayabyab Singers, Kiana Valenciano, AJ Rafael so they could share their voices to inspire, spread happiness through music. The other one called CCIS is an annual Christmas outreach program that aims to bring the message of peace and joy this holiday season. They used to do this 8-10 days in Orchard Road but because of restrictions, they'll be doing it differently without shortchanging in having talents like carol singers, performers spreading the message of joy, peace and love for Jesus. It's much awaited in Singapore. Last year, they have done this in social channels and had featured The Crosby Family, GENTRI among a throng of other international artists.

Gary knows CCIS shares his vision of spreading the message of hope through a global audience, they had 2.5 Million views last year and there's no way to go but up! Gary also is the first Philippine brand ambassador for US based religious app which garnered over 1.5 Million downloads in the Philippines. Gary says "I'm very honored and excited to be part of these international events that promote unity, love and compassion, especially when you know its needed. We have so many challenges to face today but with prayer, we can still thank God for it. I pray that he continues to shower us his blessings every day."

Gary also has had miracles in his health when he had undergone a double cardiac bypass, then discovered he had kidney cancer, a knee surgery, while still battling Type 1 diabetes and other challenges. But he continues to gain victory over it, God has worked wonders for him, and for that, he is thankful!

riSing Together will be on December 11 at 4PM PST, 6PM Central and 7PM EST, that's 8AM on December 12 in the Philippines. You may register via You may also donate via the same site to support Gawad Kaling's different projects. CCIS will have their program streamed on YouTube this coming December 19 at 8PM so make sure you're there when it happens! If you want to know more, follow Gary V's different social channels and their website You can also follow him on the KUMU app where he shares his music and performs too. You can also download the app (on Google Play and App Store) and stream his music on various platforms, just search for the track "Make Us Whole Again" and feel why we're so blessed to see him perform to this day.


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