There Exists a 5G Enabled Smart Hospital in Thailand

Saturday, December 18, 2021

In the eve of health care being in the forefront of importance because of the pandemic, technology has gone strides in the ASEAN region as they've started to enable a hospital in Thailand with 5G connection. Huawei together with the Thailand Office of the National Broadcasting Telecommunications Commission and Siriraj Hospital bares this as the "Siriraj World Class 5G Smart Hospital".

This was announced last December 16 and was witnessed by various government leaders, faculty leaders and members from Siriraj Hospital Mahidol University, the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, the Chinese Ambassador to Thailand Han Zhiqiang and Abel Deng the CEO of Huawei Thailand and hospital representatives too. This makes Siriraj the first and largest 5G Smart Hospital in the whole region and brings top of the line technology within reach of patients, medical heiarchy. They have already started several projects with 5G Portable Medical Boxes, 5G Unmanned Vehicles, 5G Medical Carts and 5G enabled Hospital Beds. They aim to implement this on a large scale next year in around 30 other applications, a step forward in healthcare in Thailand. The Prime Minister has put a lot of importance in technology and would want to push for a more Digital Thailand. The start of the 5G enablement in the medical field is just the start, and would have it more efficient for patients. They lauded Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University, Huawei, NBTC and private groups. He also mentioned how this could be implemented in other hospitals in the country from hereon.

This long term cooperation between Siriraj and Huawei has bore fruit, and now implements things for health monitoring, diagnosis, data collection and tech training for medical professionals in the hospital. This has won them in CommuncAsia Awards as the Most Innovative 5G trial in Asia Pacific. There will certainly be more about it here soon. Stay tuned!


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