Meet New Rainmaker Games Ambassador BARBIE IMPERIAL

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

The landscape of gaming has definitely changed in the last few years, and with the introduction of NFT's, blockchain tech and P2E games in the country. I see it still in its infancy and really, see why a lot of Filipinos are engaged in it. You've seen a lot of them on social media either as a flex or genuinely want to help others to take advantage of how to earn while playing.

There are actual FREE P2E platforms now like Rainmaker Games which gives access to hundreds of games of this type. It's certainly a good way to obtain earnings while playing. Rainmaker Games stemmed from a gaming guild, but now they've partnered with huge brands like Polygon Studios. Here, they can switch with different games, manage their finances, chat online and learn the ropes with the same platform. What better way to celebrate this growth but by getting a celebrity ambassador like gamer and actress Barbie Imperial.

She's streamed several games including CODM, ROS, NBA, PUBG and moba Mobile Legends among other things. She's also not a stranger to P2E and the world of cryptocurrency.

Barbie says "If you want someone to teach you how, Rainmaker Games have coaches so you could learn more about it. They also don't hesistate to teach you how to invest your money wisely."

If you want to know more about P2E and their plaform, you can join their community on the Rainmaker Games platform, they also have a Facebook Page at and their discord channel or their telegram account You may also visit their official site, and as they say there, let's make it rain y'all!


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