Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Looks like Ginebra San Miguel is beginning this December with a hot surprise as they launch the new Ginebra San Miguel 2022 Calendar Girl. We did the next best thing to see her, just sat down, got our cocktails, chilled and watched the show unfold on GSMCALENDAR2022.PH this evening.

No surprise, they announced who it was... and she's Chie Filomeno. Ginebra's calendar girl Chie has a lot of history with the brand. Every year, they've chosen exemplary Filipinas seen with their character to follow the ganado, matapang persona that the brand stands for. She serves an inspiration to a lot of people. She's a modern woman, and was chosen the values that Ginebra stands for, a never say die spirit.

Chie says "I can really feel the love today. I feel so happy that I was chosen to be the GSM Calendar Girl for 2022. Thank you, I am overwhelmed. I remember talking to my RM about this, we were being casted, only 2 left to be chosen for this campaign. I was having lunch with friends when the message came, I am super happy! After getting the note, I worked out everyday. We really prepared for this shoot. It's not just being sexy, it's being strong, taking care of what's inside. I received a lot of social media bashing in the past, I had to be feisty, we're human, I had to be a strong woman, very rational in that sense. My family gave me hope. Knowing that they're inspired by me, my fans graduate, they message me, and it's so good to know I inspire real people. I hope I get to inspire more, give hope, it's what we need these days. On GSM's 188th year, I am so happy to be part of their history. I am glad to be your GSM Calendar Girl for 2022."

There are different layouts with Chie on a surfboard, rollerblades, in a car, plus a whole lot more. It's going to be also easy to get one through distributors and retailers of GSM and their products Vino Kulafu, Primera Light and GSM Blue. Congratulations Chie!


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