With Globe MyFi, You Can Do It All!

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Life seems coming back to normal and yes, bloggers are starting to attend events and press conferences left and right. I've been working remotely on occasion, while it's hard to juggle a laptop, 2 mobile phones and a DSLR camera, I pretty much would depend on data that my postpaid phone would be able to accommodate. My iPhone is pretty ancient and yes, batteries are kinda dismal. So instead of putting it in hot spot mode all day, I needed something that can handle all my devices and save me some headaches when deadlines occur.


Meet the new Globe MyFi LTE Advanced, it's a device that can connect up to 12 devices. This only costs Php 1,899 and links to an LTE Advanced network powered by Globe. I took the liberty of powering one up because I needed it for uploading content fast, I've been known to do that right after a movie, press conference or event that I cover. It's actually pretty easy to set this up, and you can customize and secure the network if you need to. 

When you open the box it contains the unit, a sim card pack, the battery, they Type C cable, the Quick Start Guide and the Warranty Certificate. Go and insert the micro sim, take note of the SSID and WIFI KEY at the back side before you insert the battery. You need this information to connect to the device so make sure you do that. There are two buttons on the device, the Wifi Protected Setup button (WPS) and the Power button located on the side. The reset button is inside the device when you open the flap. Turn it on, and wait for the prompt. It will indicate when a signal is available and also count the MB's that you've used. Got one of my phones and connected to the device, I automatically got internet connection because this has Surf4All99 or 9GB of data which you can use for all sites in the first 7 days.

To change the WIFI settings of your device, login to your router via on your browser. Type in the username and password, I used admin for both and got to the interface above. This is the place you'll change your network name and password, if you want to elect a new one, go ahead and do it here. Save the settings and you should get the prompt that it has saved successfully. Then reconnect to your network with the new password you saved. Make sure you remember the router password so you can go back to the page if you want to change settings. If you forget the password, that's what the reset button on the device when you open the flap.

What I love about this device is the battery life. A single full charge could make this device last around 48 hours. Since its got its own battery, you don't need to depend on your mobile phones that drain too fast when its on hot spot mode. This frees up a lot of the power consumption I can use for social media, or other phone functions that I need to cover the whole day. Aside from that, I can share the connection to a few friends who would need it, that's very convenient for work and play.

 I also downloaded the GlobeOne App to register the number and load it up using that. It manages the connection, and it's good that you can buy load and subscribe to promos all in one app. The namesake works, and I'm glad I'd be able to know more about how I spend my data, budget it especially since I already have a postpaid line. The convenience of having Globe MyFi is just insurmountable, I'd be glad to have this as my companion now especially if I'm going out for work. I hope you find that feeling too!

The Globe at Home MyFi LTE costs Php 899.00 while the Globe at Home MyFi LTE Advanced costs Php 1,899.00. For more information about these devices and other Globe products, you may visit their website at https://new.globe.com.ph/prepaid-wifi/myfi-lte. With it, Carry Mo Ang Lahat!




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