See What A Rainy Afternoon Did To Me!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sky Is Crying

I've been so alone all my life... couldn't give my heart to anyone... mantra to self today? NO EMO! NO EMO! NO EMO!

That was the line I was listening to in my head all morning. I was not in the mood to do anything than lounge in my bed and stay put. After all I had a very tiring photo shoot last weekend and that got me to only spend around a few hours of sleep this week. That also jeopardized my chances of going back to the gym since I can't work out while I'm dizzy because of the lack of sleep. Anyway I was able to do so last Friday so that was nice.


See what I mean? Haha! This is nice!

I need to work out more... I am getting thinner I guess because I am fitting in better in my old clothes but I have to work out more. The money I spent for gym is no joke either LOL. I'm spending the weekend in the office now because I got my schedules swapped last week, it was fun though because I had the lotsa great shots on my last photoshoot. Now I am figuring out why I have this camera with me in the office, I don't even have a shoot tomorrow. Maybe I'm itching to go somewhere but I know time would not permit it since I am going to have work tomorrow night. It is hard to be a nocturnal, to work at night when people are supposed to sleep... but in some ways I do enjoy it a lot. More so if you kinda see the fruits of your labor... I'm not that rich but I get by... I am fulfilled in work although I could have more heheh. Not that I'm pushing it LOL. I am in the verge of being promoted but not quite heheh... weird huh?! But don't worry I am going to make some small changes to improve managing work. That is somewhat the path I am taking anyway!

I am a little weird I know, but it takes one to know one right? Hehe Nice meeting you here amused dear reader LOL

I better get ready for tomorrow. I think I'll go back to my University and get some of those old things I ate when I was still there. Maybe that will bring back memories, I want to see old friends too. I wonder how I'll start this, but let me give them a call now and set this up so we could have breakfast there tomorrow =) Let me see if I could get pictures of that too =)


Great Food, Great Recipes!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I have been reviewing awesome food discoveries since day 1 of this web site. I also have been contemplating on continuing my studies and get a culinary course to sharpen my skills in cooking. I have been following recipes and books for quite a long time. I have been successful enough to get better pats on the back from my Mom and Dad when it comes to these but I have not exceeded the skills of my brother. After all, he is a famous professional Chef.

In this day and age, everyone needs to research about the latest in the art of cooking. This is where the Internet has been useful in getting information on every kitchen in the world. Not only does my brother whip up his own ones, he also learns from other people so he could perfect his craft. It is quite difficult to maintain a pretty high standard like he does. Believe me I have tried to at least keep a decent gourmet meal on the dinner table when Mom is not around, but he still manages to impress me and other people when he takes over. I have some weird passion for baking but since he has been a pastry chef for a few years, he has got better control of the piping bag and measuring spoons. He can also do that for a lot of people unlike when I tried that for the first time. The quality really was affected but I would like to get better if destiny permits. It's a good thing FoodConnect came along.

The site not only gets the best recipes from people all over the world. They also have options of having it customized to the volume you prefer. Many have attested to the goodness and great flavor of the food found there. Go ahead and take a bite now! I know you will like it!


Thanks to INNOVATRONIX Inc.!

Our photoshoot set last Sunday =)

t was a hot day when we started shooting last Sunday October 25, 2009. Five models and about 20+ Photographers converged at the La Mesa Ecopark in Quezon City for a simple model shoot. Or so we thought. Initially, we were thinking it was just going to be a small gathering, but we were wrong… it was HUGE!

Thinking of a better way to present photos has been a priority to NOCTURNALS, (a photography group comprised of Call Center/BPO professionals) and the challenges that we had setting up this event was how to find proper lighting using strobes, equipments for effects and it’s portability. We are so glad that  INNOVATRONIX Inc. suddenly came into the picture.


Their strobes and soft boxes were awesome!

The company owned by Ramon Castillo (a former Senior Engineer at Intel) engaged in so called Innovative Electronics equipment from sports scoreboards, electronic ballasts, AVR’s, photo imaging and printing machines, and a lot more. They have been able to garner a few government contracts, projects and harness local commercial electronic consumer needs since 1987. Ms. Sheryll from TRONIX was kind enough to arrange with us 2 huge strobes and a couple of soft boxes. Lighting was indeed a necessity even on the outdoor shoot; and we needed to have that certain exposure controlled. With the number of photographers shooting on the 5 models that we had that afternoon, none of the equipments had problems whatsoever in catching up with our external flash since it automatically goes off with it. It was nice to see world class equipment being manufactured locally.

The Tronix Vulcan: A battery-operated smoke machine

The Tronix Portable Air Blower

Not only that, we had people from their office also take care of the effects. They had portable versions of smoke machines that we used on the models; and the look was phenomenal. They also had ice to have the smoke stand on lower ground so it would feel more authentic on forest grounds. They had portable blowers that were also used on one of our models who had long Hispanic looking hair. That look was just so nice on her and we had it routinely running because it was great to see someone bearing SHAKIRA a run for her money. We would never had done this successful shoot without INNOVATRONIX Inc. You should try and visit their website at and order now so you can set up your own professional grade studios.

Thank you TRONIX IMAGING CENTER for all the help! You are instrumental and a big part of the success of The NOCTURNALS Photoshoot!

Here’s to our next one!

Business Address:
#10 Rose Street, Lourdes Subdivision
Mambugan, Antipolo City
Rizal, Philippines

Tel No:
+63 (2) 645-1592
+63 (2) 645-6124

Fax No:
+63 (2) 645-1598
+63 (2) 645-1903

Email Address:


Going Up!

How I wish I could go back to ANAWANGIN again so I could enjoy the breath taking view of the mountains and the cove again. I am probably going to ask some of my photography buddies to plan out this location so we can take landscape shots like the professionals. There is no way I could ever forget the trip we had a few years ago. It is a good thing we enjoy outdoor adventure gear, tent poles, replacement tent poles, char cloth, fire piston, trekking poles, camping tarp, camping, backpacking, hiking to name a few. I guess it is because some mountaineers who are part of the team influenced us in enjoying this fun climb that turned out to be horrific in some parts. Everyone still enjoyed the conversations in between, the food and the camaraderie we developed along the way. It was really fun even if we were often grimacing in pain. It was more than everyone had ever dreamed of when we got there. I'm sure with the new people I'm with now, they will also enjoy the things we did on the cove. Not to mention the white sand and the pristine beach we swam in when we stayed there.




I want to go back there!



Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Crissa Jeans... and Me at Fashion Week

It was a fabulous night of cute girlie clothes that were RTW and lots of awesome Brazilian models when I went to Fashion Week last Friday. Judging from the clothes they wore on this set, it looks very promising for Crissa to concentrate on shirts, blouses and pants this season but they did not veer away from the usual earth tone palate that they think is still in the trend. If you ask me, this was not really a good thing, they should have pushed the edge with regards to design and not line up with RTW fashion. They will be coined to the same genre they had last year and would not be in the lines of Plains and Prints or F&H. They will still remain in the masses taste which I hate. I mean why launch a fashion show when all you are going to show is non edgy clothes, they should have at least given designers freedom to do avant garde and make their simple clothes look more fashionable. It looks like they will still lag behind, its too Chinese to put it simply. It's cheap looking even if they had foreign models. I guess their market is still going to be the INDAYS and DODONGS this year. Pardon my language, no pun intended ladies and gentlemen! The concept of the show was also cheesy... it was not enough to entice people in the fashion industry. Just let me know if they get rave reviews someday!

As with the photos, I was lucky enough to be able to get a good spot because I did not stay astray when the program started. Good thing I was in front center so I had my telephoto lens Ziggy do his work. =)








We Could Have Solved It!


Garbage has been a perennial problem in the metro and obviously after the typhoon we had in the country, one asks; "how would you solve disaster relief when the problem is disaster relief itself?"

I was moved by the numerous heroic stories by ordinary Filipino citizens and how they were able to help others in this time of crisis. There are a lot of places in the Metro where flooding was up to neck deep but you would not see anyone lose hope and they are still eager to survive no matter where it takes them. I tried to help as much as I can but this has got to stop. If no one resolves the root cause of the problem, then the thousands who perished may haunt us for the injustice. Let us start by just mentioning how many creeks, rivers and lakes are full of garbage. Oh wait, I'm sorry but that would take a while to even think about. I guess those who forced our ears to listen about global warming a few decades ago are laughing at us now.

Where do we put our garbage with so little dump sites and no environmentally friendly incinerators? Experts say we have a lot of land available, but it is just not properly managed. We already have a lot of resources wasted on people with fat pay checks since the fall of dictatorship. Where did we go as far as resolving that? Nowhere! There are standardized and tested systems elsewhere in the world and why should we not employ the same in our land? Software packages are available at Waste Edge and it could have been simply resolved by following a simple system that can be monitored even on line. The Waste Management Software could have saved us millions if someone already thought about this in the first place. Technologies for garbage trucks and personnel that use RFID tags, Mapping, Mapping GIS, GPS Truck tracking should have been used on these savings. I hope they do something soon to resolve this and discipline the citizenry too since urban dwellers often mistake themselves for people who do not learn from their past. I am still optimistic that we can handle change and soon be better.


North Cemetery Photo Walk 10172009

It has been a week since I went out with the D60 KREW which I think specializes in Photo walks and street photography. It was a nice thing to do because since Halloween is coming it was but proper to do photography in a cemetery. Yes ladies and gentlemen, we did it in North Cemetery.

I was thinking how creepy it was to do it but when I saw some of the famous people who were laid to rest in that place, I think it became more of a historical point of view than a horror flick waiting to happen. Let me share some of the images I captured during that day.


Our Late President Ramon Magsaysay's Grave


How about President Manuel Roxas?


Claro M. Recto too...

Do you remember PIPOY of Okay ka Fairy ko?!


The Great Boxer before Manny Pacquiao, Pancho Villa

See why I said it was a history lesson?! =)


Awesome Wireless SD Memory Card!

Monday, October 26, 2009

I am currently in dire need of storage space because this is practically my 27th Photo shoot. I have amassed almost 120 GB worth of photos in less than 5 months of acquiring TRISH my D60 DSLR Camera and I have a lot more in the 4 GB memory card. I have heard of this awesome gadget that would directly transfer my files and automatically arrange them according to date on my laptop but I was at first; a skeptic. I searched and checked out this video above and boy my jaw just dropped! Using this and the WRT54GR LINKSYS Router that I have at home, I knew this is going to be something big!

It was awesome! I know photographers like me would go rushing to the stores just to get our hands on this new gadget. Now it would be easy to hold studio shoots because it goes straight to the computer. Learn how to make your camera wireless and you will definitely save time and arduous hours of upload time. You can literally do it while shooting models too because it has the capability of getting those images uploaded on most popular social networking sites such as FACEBOOK or MYSPACE. There is no hassle too about getting them organized since it tracks them via the date and EXIF data on the pictures. The possibilities are just endless!

This has tremendously helped a lot of photographers that I know and I was contemplating since yesterday on getting this tool. Together with this wireless SD Card, a couple of umbrellas, soft boxes and lights on my hand... I know it would be a cinch to get that studio project that we have on the roll so I could get photos like this!


I will buy this awesome wireless SD Memory Card by hook or by crook!




Thanks Organizers of NOCS Photoshoot! 10252009

It was a very tiring day! My fellow Nocturnals and I had a photoshoot this weekend in La Mesa Ecopark and I am still post processing my shots for this event. It was awesome and huge! The estimated attendees were about 40 so imagine that size that was shooting 5 models for that day. Not to mention the tiring walks in between because of what the location called for. I was so lucky to have known these guys, and this particular post was to thank a couple of people first for organizing the event.

I know it was kind of out of the question being the thread starter and all but I must say Ismael Alipuddin did a lot than dating the models on this shoot. Aside from the usual denials he did on the coffee dates, he did one heck of a job planning this whole thing and delegate the duties. Jasper Cayabyab on the other hand was busy doing his work on the online profiles; and this one, was able to work out deals with the communication on the members. We also ran a couple of kilometers in the mall to buy food and stuff so that was quite an experience eh?! =P Saui Masanque the main man was able to work out his angels and get the awesome models for us. He sounded weird according to them but it was a darn good job he did confirming them for this shoot. In the next few posts we will be able to discuss some other elements of how this event became a success. Since I am in a hurry, I think these three guys will do... you should visit them (via click) and check out their online portfolios too. =) They are pretty good photographers too like me LOL!

Ismael Alipuddin fixing his camera... no its not broken!

Jasper Cayabyab in action!

Saui Masanque sits and rests after a tiring photo walk =)

Thanks guys! I know I speak for the same deed you accomplished for the rest of the Nocturnals! Great job! and I hope to shoot more with you!

I'll be doing credits for the other sponsors of this shoot soon! You just wait!