Wireless N Standard Approved!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

With the latest approval of the draft N technology in wireless standards; there would be a lot of firmware's that are going to be released in the next few days. This is to comply with the IEEE directive for all wireless corporations around the world. I was once a specialist for a router corporation and I think this is one thing that I should share with you. I know some of you are not that much knowledgeable in these anyway so I will go plain and simple.

The wireless signals that goes in and out of access points, phones, baby monitors, microwave ovens and a lot of other non wired things in your house is actually regulated by a governing body that standardizes these frequencies so compatibility no matter what brand they are is not adversely affected. Of course we sometimes prefer the expensive ones or sometimes the cheaper ones are better. It does not matter just as long as it follows the standard that they are created for so other devices that would use the same medium would not interfere with each other. Sometimes we do not think about these home staging challenges because we are confused about how we really use these in our humble abode. It's quite easy actually; you need to use this for Internet and network connectivity and once other things interfere with it you automatically get cut off on its signals. So make sure you buy the latest one now so you could at least get the fastest device money can buy. It would get you better and more efficient rates rather than just leaving it all behind with old technology. That would just leave you behind with performance on connectivity which would be bad for your business and home use. Imagine we would one day be all entering a world without wires! Hurry and get that wireless N now!


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