Going Up!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

How I wish I could go back to ANAWANGIN again so I could enjoy the breath taking view of the mountains and the cove again. I am probably going to ask some of my photography buddies to plan out this location so we can take landscape shots like the professionals. There is no way I could ever forget the trip we had a few years ago. It is a good thing we enjoy outdoor adventure gear, tent poles, replacement tent poles, char cloth, fire piston, trekking poles, camping tarp, camping, backpacking, hiking to name a few. I guess it is because some mountaineers who are part of the team influenced us in enjoying this fun climb that turned out to be horrific in some parts. Everyone still enjoyed the conversations in between, the food and the camaraderie we developed along the way. It was really fun even if we were often grimacing in pain. It was more than everyone had ever dreamed of when we got there. I'm sure with the new people I'm with now, they will also enjoy the things we did on the cove. Not to mention the white sand and the pristine beach we swam in when we stayed there.




I want to go back there!


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Joro Livelihood said...

nice photos, love the views