Sorry I'm Sick

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Well it's the start of my shift in the office but I'm sick. Yeah, I have colds, cough and probably flu. I wish I could go home and rest but I think I won't be enjoying that anyway so I'm staying in the office instead. Hopefully no on will be getting any viruses from me. I am under medication and am feeling a lot better than when I got out of the office this morning.

Well half meant but it's really getting better I hope. The weather is getting better, I hope to be done with this soon so I could work without grimacing every time my nose hurts. A runny nose while typing and looking at things don't go together but I think I am surviving.

I'm even hungry... all I ate this morning was soups and salad. Not really what I was looking for but it was just so so. I wish the medicine just work the moment I take it. Why does everything have to be so hard... it should have been instantaneous!

I hope I would feel better later =)


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