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Tuesday, October 06, 2009


t has been 5 months since I have taken photography seriously and have amassed about 5000 or more pictures. This is because I have been a lot of places and taken this hobby of mine into another level ever since I got my D60 camera. My hard drive space is closely filling up because I have been taking raw images since the very beginning as advised by my mentors so I could post process them easily. I have taken in consideration purchasing additional storage but I guess it is quite expensive. I would have to save quite an amount before I could buy network storage that would fit my need.

In the meantime, I would need to have my backups done on CD and DVD since that is the cheaper alternative. I may have to consider getting professionals to do this job since I would not want to lose months of information and images. I know the feeling of losing years of work because I have not secured people who know what they are doing. I lost 4 years of email when I got some random friend do that handy work for me. I do not want to be completely disappointed when it comes to these. DVD Mastering in Boston has never been better. It is one place to go to for graphic and print production facilities. They take care of these needs and let experts do the job for you. The DVD Mastering Boston has; sets it apart from state competitors because they believe in not sacrificing quality. I would not want to commit the same mistake I did a couple of months ago. I had to re associate all my sent items just to have a vague description of my in box because I never recovered my files. The CD Mastering Boston takes pride for is another thing to look at because they also are at par with the world's best when it comes to duplication, and Digital Offset Printing. Make the right choice like what people are doing in the Boston area and you would never be afraid of losing tons of work!


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nice info. thanks for sharing.

ang ganda ng flower! ^_^ great shot.