I Want Your Body Your Body Not You!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Hahahah... Those were the words I heard from the kids playing outside our home one day when I was planning to go to the gym. Since there was a massive blackout in the city and crippled most of the businesses around the metro, I was afraid the gym was also going to be closed. When I passed by, I was surprised they had lights open but only a few people were going in.

When I went up the plight of stairs in the front of Fitness First Eastwood I immediately went to the reception area and paid my dues for next month. I was planning to also work out since they have electricity, but when I asked about their services for the day... I was surprised because they had the equipment running... but they said "Sorry Sir we do not have WATER!".

Whaaaat?! I exclaimed, how am I going to work out after work then? Will I be suffering heat and exhaustion then never get a single drop of water to drink or bathe with?! Why am I paying them a lot for?! They could not even get a decent generator to get their pumps working so we at least get some potable water. Those darn capitalists seem to be still taking advantage of us members. We should get refunds for this! Arrrgh!!! And now here I go again suffering without gym for a week! Sheesh!


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