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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I have long been addicted to Role Playing Games since I was a kid. I do not know where it came from but when I got hold of the old NINTENDO console I used to play when I was in grade school I know it was not going to be the last one. Obviously other people from different parts of the globe would plead there must be something more than just playing 8 bit games... I was right because aside from the continued advancements in technology, there were other RPG stories that proved worthy of my hours in game time.

I have reviewed a lot of RPG Games already in my site and this one is really new. A word of warning though because just like other ones I have featured, this one is addicting. The setting is still medieval; where you will do quests, slay huge monsters; battle other players and much more. You level up each time you perform these tasks as experience points would be given when get more killed and accomplished with what is available in your arsenal. You can even enhance game play by purchasing weapons, armors, potions and spells just to make your character faster, higher and stronger. This is a web based on line game where you can ask your friends and followers to join so they would be able to do something on their spare time. But as I say, this is really addicting so I am sure everyone will get hooked even on their BETA release at! Where else can you get free online RPG games in this day and age? I am sure you will easily get the hang of it!



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