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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our photoshoot set last Sunday =)

t was a hot day when we started shooting last Sunday October 25, 2009. Five models and about 20+ Photographers converged at the La Mesa Ecopark in Quezon City for a simple model shoot. Or so we thought. Initially, we were thinking it was just going to be a small gathering, but we were wrong… it was HUGE!

Thinking of a better way to present photos has been a priority to NOCTURNALS, (a photography group comprised of Call Center/BPO professionals) and the challenges that we had setting up this event was how to find proper lighting using strobes, equipments for effects and it’s portability. We are so glad that  INNOVATRONIX Inc. suddenly came into the picture.


Their strobes and soft boxes were awesome!

The company owned by Ramon Castillo (a former Senior Engineer at Intel) engaged in so called Innovative Electronics equipment from sports scoreboards, electronic ballasts, AVR’s, photo imaging and printing machines, and a lot more. They have been able to garner a few government contracts, projects and harness local commercial electronic consumer needs since 1987. Ms. Sheryll from TRONIX was kind enough to arrange with us 2 huge strobes and a couple of soft boxes. Lighting was indeed a necessity even on the outdoor shoot; and we needed to have that certain exposure controlled. With the number of photographers shooting on the 5 models that we had that afternoon, none of the equipments had problems whatsoever in catching up with our external flash since it automatically goes off with it. It was nice to see world class equipment being manufactured locally.

The Tronix Vulcan: A battery-operated smoke machine

The Tronix Portable Air Blower

Not only that, we had people from their office also take care of the effects. They had portable versions of smoke machines that we used on the models; and the look was phenomenal. They also had ice to have the smoke stand on lower ground so it would feel more authentic on forest grounds. They had portable blowers that were also used on one of our models who had long Hispanic looking hair. That look was just so nice on her and we had it routinely running because it was great to see someone bearing SHAKIRA a run for her money. We would never had done this successful shoot without INNOVATRONIX Inc. You should try and visit their website at and order now so you can set up your own professional grade studios.

Thank you TRONIX IMAGING CENTER for all the help! You are instrumental and a big part of the success of The NOCTURNALS Photoshoot!

Here’s to our next one!

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