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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The fires, tornadoes, typhoons and flooding taught me a thing or two about getting insurance with cars. It is definitely a good thing to do in a state that is prone to natural calamity and those which you cannot avoid. I learned my lesson when my folks lost their car in a wild fire that swept across California. It literally left them penniless because of the thousands of dollars that it took to have their convertible repaired. They did not know it would cost that much so they ended up buying a cheaper car instead. I was really sorry for them but what could I do. It was not covered with insurance and that is where I learned my lesson, so I had my car quoted this morning.


I went to and three of them listed. I got the free quotations from them and compared where I could save a couple hundred dollars and easily pay the monthly premium to have the basics covered. The Free Auto Insurance Quotes indicated every detail and suggests discount opportunities that you can qualify for. This has literally gained me around 15-25% of savings compared to the normal costs. They also have these plans available for purchase on their web site 24/7 and all the quotations are free of charge. Saving around 3-4,000 dollars is not bad either!

I ended up getting this terrific offer from GEICO but I have to talk to my wife first so we can have the budget available in case we need to have the monthly fees planned out. It is so difficult just thinking about where to get the money but this is a necessity. I would not want to end up without anything to spare if God forbid we encounter the same fate as my folks did. I would like to encourage you guys to go ahead and check out so you can achieve greater savings for you and your family. I would never want to see you take a chance on something you could prepare for in advanced. Do what is right and get those quotes now!



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