Awesome Wireless SD Memory Card!

Monday, October 26, 2009

I am currently in dire need of storage space because this is practically my 27th Photo shoot. I have amassed almost 120 GB worth of photos in less than 5 months of acquiring TRISH my D60 DSLR Camera and I have a lot more in the 4 GB memory card. I have heard of this awesome gadget that would directly transfer my files and automatically arrange them according to date on my laptop but I was at first; a skeptic. I searched and checked out this video above and boy my jaw just dropped! Using this and the WRT54GR LINKSYS Router that I have at home, I knew this is going to be something big!

It was awesome! I know photographers like me would go rushing to the stores just to get our hands on this new gadget. Now it would be easy to hold studio shoots because it goes straight to the computer. Learn how to make your camera wireless and you will definitely save time and arduous hours of upload time. You can literally do it while shooting models too because it has the capability of getting those images uploaded on most popular social networking sites such as FACEBOOK or MYSPACE. There is no hassle too about getting them organized since it tracks them via the date and EXIF data on the pictures. The possibilities are just endless!

This has tremendously helped a lot of photographers that I know and I was contemplating since yesterday on getting this tool. Together with this wireless SD Card, a couple of umbrellas, soft boxes and lights on my hand... I know it would be a cinch to get that studio project that we have on the roll so I could get photos like this!


I will buy this awesome wireless SD Memory Card by hook or by crook!




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