Nap Mat Wonders!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I need to take some well deserved sleep when I get home. I am sick right now but am optimistic that with enough rest, I would be able to recuperate and be 100% at work. I could probably sleep in the office lounge but I do not like the old mats and sleeping bags that they have. I am afraid of getting more sick because I do not trust them if they said that it has been hygienically treated. I would not want to gamble with that and I probably need to purchase my own nap mat.

Kids in school should probably have one too because the spread of disease is imminent. If you are parents who have their kids sleep in preschool you should definitely take a look at the stephen joseph quilted backpack. They could have all their things on it and be comfortable at the same time. Or they could also get the ordinary stephen joseph backpack so even on times they need to be a little rugged for play you know they will be safe. I would be recommending this now to my nephews and nieces so when school resumes they would get the best thing money could buy.


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