SOLD OUT! : UE Red Warriors vs Ateneo Blue Eagles

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen... the game between UE and Ateneo tomorrow is already sold out according to ticketnet people. There were a couple of students and alumni from UE who lined up in Araneta this morning only to find out they ran out of tickets. It is sad because there were lots of scalpers and Yaya's and Drivers who probably purchased tickets for Atenistas... a not so fair way of getting tickets IMHO.

Imagine last Game # 2 they even got some of the seats from UE side. I really wonder where and when these guys would stop being unfair in hoarding tickets... this was also the case in the Ateneo DLSU games a couple of years back. There should be an outright equal distribution of tickets so we can blow them away with Warrior battlecry's come Game number 3 tomorrow. I would bet they would never out cheer UE... I saw them trying that and the only time they were successful was on their OBF cheer... not impressive... they will hear boos from me hahahaha!

Look, even the mythical 5 says it all... UE got spots for Elmer Espiritu and Paul Lee!



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