Think Before You Decide On Your Web Host!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The importance of web hosting is like the life and blood of your site. It dictates who, when, where and how fast they would be able to view your content since this would be hosted on their own servers. I am admittedly not hosting my own site because of constraints but I have a quite dependable web host and never did I experience any downtime as far as my sites are concerned. If you want to get the best web hosting company, then you must simply choose according to the feedback they get from their current clients. I wish it was like this for every single one of us; but I guess I was wrong.


I also am administrating on line communities for my Alma Mater that caters to students, faculty, alumni and supporters of the senior's Basketball Team. I am a diehard fan of the warriors and I adore the sport that much; but at the time that we had so much activity and posts on the site, it suddenly had some major downtime that we could not control. All the content recently uploaded were not backed up; so we were in some way was only able to recover only a measly amount of data off of what we had a couple of months ago. Imagine the amount of photos and conversations on games that were all lost because of that. It was a really hard lesson we learned and we were trying to pick up the pieces too. If we did not have that problem and if data was managed by the web host company we would not be worried about down times like that in the first place. If they only had the company I was using to host my site, then the forums would have been up the whole time when the game was going on. The difference is that I had information on top web hosting reviews. This is where most people attest to the quality of service these companies provide. At the web hosting top is my provider; they should have given my web host a chance to get the services by next year when their lease expires. It would really be a different story IMHO. That is also factual statement provided at B4UDECIDE so make sure you look it up!

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