The Biggest Waterpark in Asia: Kamia Bay Resort Palawan

Friday, March 30, 2018

Nothing beats a watermark than a fat face that's already in a photo hahahaha!

A vacation in Palawan probably would mean El Nido, Coron, or that Underground River adventure that most tourists actually go to. A little known fact is, there are actually superb places you can go to just a little outside of Puerto Princesa City. A few only know about it but hopefully, that’s about to change. Really, there’s MORE things in Palawan that people should know about.

This is our second day here, woke up early to travel about 30-45 minutes away from Puerto Princesa City proper. The reason being, KAMIA Bay Resort in Palawan. It’s located at Baranagay Luzviminda along Binunsalian Bay. It’s a rarely new property being developed as an adventure sanctuary housing the BIGGEST Aquapark structure in Asia complete with a 30 and 40 foot slide in a stretch of 3,800 square meters of a floating island that sits a few kilometers away from Honda Bay.

One side of Kamia Bay Resort where the whole thing stretches.

Now imagine the possibilities, the various things you could do here with your friends and family. You could go on this vast course traversing through a multitude of floating islands, air filled trees, big and small tubes, jumping points, a trampoline, and slides like small mountains on sea. Tumble and leap off of platforms with ease and without worries as they’ve got expert lifeguards on stand by at every part of the floating ark.

Aside from the nice course, they’ve also got a moderately designed bike course which would take you in and around the property. They also have pavillions and small huts so whether you’re a company or just a small family, you can take refuge in it during lunch or dinner, or house your belongings during day trips in fact. They also have Eco tours which you can take for your land lovin friends if the floating island would be too much. But here's a glimpse on how fun this whole trip was courtesy of the Aloha Palawan Facebook page!


The thing is, it’s also quite affordable. You can do Aquaplay for Php 788 which includes an hour of the Aquapark, an Ecotour and buffet lunch or go for the Php 1,488 for Unlimited time in it. They also have options for roundtrip transfers if you want it to be more convenient. We highly suggest you do what we did and start the adventures very early. You will be briefed for your own safety and if you prefer a little grip, they have specialized water shoes for rent so it’ll be easier for you to run around in your bikinis.

Take a nice dip, or simply lounge at their lovely villa huts.

Heck I won’t be selfish to share with you how fun it was. I also got to taste the cuisine prepared for us by the Chef who manages all the food establishments in their other properties. Check out my adventures at Kamia Bay Resort!

It was pretty hard to leave that place after the fun I had with new friends. I got to know more of them and how a family built this resort. It looks promising that they can host guests during day time and perhaps soon, they’ll have some villas for people to stay in. They also currently have a haven for artists which they house in a secluded part of their resort which they deem would be a way to “pay back” the community and the country with “culture”.

For dinner, we freshened up at the hotel first then dressed up a bit. We went to Princesa Garden Resort and Spa which was near the Puerto Princesa International Airport. We walked a bit inside and off to the shore for their Asian themed restaurant called GOLDEN ELEPHANT which was on stilts. It was very romantic, I felt bad that I was single and had to see all the couples who were there. The food was also exquisite as you may have seen on the video, you just want to stay there the whole night. Albeit friendly to families, I would recommend this mostly for pairs who would want some quiet time. It felt right, I want to go back there and bring someone to propose haha!

Anyway, it was all part of a super happy day for me to just experience what Puerto Princesa City and it’s nearby towns had in store for travelers - and those who just want to have a nice relaxing vacation. I loved every bit of it.

If you want to go to Kamia Bay Resort, simply search for them at Facebook and message them. They can make arrangements for large groups and family. Same goes for Princesa Garden Resort and Spa which has rooms and spa services too. It’s easy because everything should be hassle free, make sure you make your own vacation stress free!


Exprience Aloha Palawan

Thursday, March 29, 2018

I've been in the city too long and yes I couldn't have wished for better a trip... this was so timely. I was invited to an event called ALOHA PALAWAN. Yes, this was the island called "The Last Frontier" by travelers who have been there - and I can only agree why they call it as such. There are 7,147 islands in the Philippines and the ones on our itinerary are just the tip of the ice berg. Backpackers have known about the best island in the world for quite a while now but they'd rather keep it a secret. This is paradise we're talking about it and I am so happy Air Asia Philippines is taking us there!

Clark International Airport

This travel arrangement has been done by Amika Travel and Tours. Since they know this place like the back of their hands, it was easy getting from one place to another because of the van arrangements, it was a no brainer to have this as mode of transport because we were in a group. I strongly advise you to do the same rather than commuting as you would save a lot of time (and spend wisely on the beaches instead). We left Manila in the afternoon so we arrived around dinner. 

Before we did leave Clark in Pampanga (where the Clark International Airport is), we ate lunch at Matam ih Restaurant that served legit Kapampangan food, all pretty heavy because it's all good with RICE in the Philippines. I kinda stayed with the safe ones because I was on Keto, they had really good Kare Kare so if there's one to try, make that part of your meal. Aside from that, your guests would really love the in house entertainment provided for by really talented Aeta/Amerasian singers who perform there on a regular basis. They were so good that I saw one of them perform in Tawag ng Tanghalan a few days later (a famous singing competition on national TV) and she won that day.

Matam-ih Restaurant in Clark Airbase.

Murky corn soup or Suam was good even on a hot weather

When they say Kare Kare, you don’t say NO

Oh don’t even get me started, they have good Shrimp Fritters!

When in Pampanga, try the Sisig. Their is more on the livery side.

The oh so yummy Native Roasted Chicken

After all that authentic Filipino cuisine experience, we went to Clark International Airport and checked in. I love how that new airport is very clean and not overcrowded like the ones in Manila. When you're taking a trip you can ride a bus from TRINOMA (a well known mall north of Manila) and would only prolly cost you Php 350 or so, pretty cheap than catch yourself squirming in an airport in Manila.

AirAsia Philippines flies regularly from Clark International Airport to different parts of the country. They also have international flights that come from this airport, it's sometimes even cheaper to actually get flights from here. Now I don't know most of these guys I'm flying with but they're from different media entities, some bloggers, some Instagram celebrities and our friends from AirAsia. They count us regularly so we don't get lost haha! Oh and Clark also has strong wifi from Smart, if you fly this way you'll also get to finish some of your blogging backlogs, upload videos quite easy. Plus it's FREE!

When we arrived in Puerto Princesa, it was pretty laid back. I immediately saw the tricycles and how it was totally different than the ones in Manila. I kinda likened it to junior cars because they have that certain look on front that they do, so they can also stretch the back area of the tricycles for luggage as it is a touristy town. 

When we arrived at HUE Hotel and Resorts (our home in Puerto Princesa Palawan), we were welcomed with a huge production number courtesy of the hotel. They pretty much did a medley of Philippine dances (which I did when I was in Elementary btw LOL), so imagine our surprise. Then inside our room, it was perfect. They have a separate toilet and bath, two single beds, and you could ask for extra keys. They also gave us Palawan's best banana chips which we had to look for later on to take home because it was so good. Thank you to Hue Hotel, Laag PH for the complimentary shirts too.

MATIZ Restaurant and Tapaz Bar

Fun dining with the others :)

Minestrone Soup

Chef’s Salad, Romaine, shards of cheese, bacon, a little crouton and light balsamic dressing

Ropa Vieja and Gambas, staples in Tapaz bars

The Matiz Paella, a seafood and paella lover’s dream!

Tres Leches Flan, not too sweet, just right.

We'll be sleeping here first before doing some islands the next day. So we relaxed and had dinner at the hotel's own restaurant. It's called MATIZ Restaurant and Tapaz Bar (yes after the painter), which was a very relaxed tapas bar in this side of the world. We had wine, Ropa Vieja (which I love and YOU should order), Gambas, good Seafood Paella, Chicken Iberico with Mojo Sauce and Tres Leches Flan for dessert. Now if that doesn't convince you to stay in this hotel while you're in Puerto Princesa, take a breather because we're about to embark to Kamia tomorrow!

Stay tuned folks, we're publishing the Kamia Bay Resort article soon! If you would want to stay in Puerto Princesa City, Hue Hotel may be reached via or their website



Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Step right up boys and girls, children and not so children anymore of all ages as we witness the finals of WISHCOVERY 20178 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. On this day we'll be seeing these 5 wishfuls battle it out to see who becomes the winner for this one of a kind contest by WISH 107.5. Hopefuls Carmela Ariola who hails from Batangas, Hacel Bartolome (my personal bet) from Cavite, Kimberly Baluzo from Camarines Norte, Louie Anne Culala who hails from San Idelfonso Bulacan and Princess Sevillena from Makati will be on the biggest stage to perform one last time for the glory or God, for themselves and their own family.

We just got off back stage and now have this awesome seat where we can update as soon as the come out. The fans, viewers are being ushered in too.

Opening act performs Dying Inside by Timmy Thomas, plus a couple Eraserheads hits, people are quite excited already!

Ka Daniel Razon just passed us. He's going to watch the whole show and talk a little bit later I guess.

A video was shown with Ka Daniel Razon indicating there will be Php 100,000 given to their chosen charities as part of the Wishcovery Finals Night.

Performing now on stage are the 20 Wishcovery hopefuls. Showing how good they are even after some of them have been cut out of the competition. 

The 5 WISHCOVERY finalists also were included. Ahh if you can only hear what they are singing. 

Host and RNB Prince Kris Lawrence came out and explained the first few rounds of power viewing, live performance, collaboration, solo performances. 

Hacel Bartolome is performing a medley of OPM songs, love songs of perhaps of those she grew up with. It matches her voice but will this be a little hard to understand by some of the foreign judges? I hope not. I am rooting for her. Ritchie Rich rated her a 17/20.

Carmela Ariola also sang an OPM Medley. Her attack was pretty much tamed, relaxed but can really raise the hairs behind your neck. She's like a younger Jamie Rivera that can belt a lot. She got a perfect 20/20 from Ritchie and 18/20 from Cicero. 

She sang a medley of OPM songs including Pangarap na Bituin, Nais Ko, where she showcased how powerful her pipes are. Pretty good for a wildcard entry, she's really going to run after their prizes. Prince Sevillena from Makati, you've done quite well. She was scored 19/20 by both foreign reactors.

Kimberly Baluzo from Camarines Norte sang another medley of OPM songs with Bakit Ba Ganyan, Basang Basa sa Ulan, Baliw, and yes she's good, she's got range, she worked the stage. She's got presence. She was scored 20/20 and 19/20 by the reactors.

San Ildefonso Bulacan's lass Louie Anne Culala has always been winning contests, this is her biggest yet. She sang OPM songs too like Roselle Nava's Bakit Nga Ba Mahal Kita, Ikot ikot lang by Sarah G. Blowing us all away! The reactors said she is comparable to Cristina Aguilera, she's all fabulous according to them. They scored her 18/20 and 19/20. 

There are two more rounds before the actual winner is announced.

Marcelito Pomoy, Erik Santos and Christian Bautista on stage, showing us how it's done. Then the wishful 5 performed together for their fourth round, some didn't do well in that part but they survived.

The best part was when the Wishful 5 were able to give Php 100,000 cash donations to their chosen charities. It was so touching to see that!

For the 5th and Final round, they gave it all!

Carmela sang Himala, her own rendition had several powerful runs. I don't know about the song choice, but she performed it well.

The jurors in this case will be Jungee Marcelo, the Company's Annie Quintos and King of RnB Jay R.

Kimberly did "Habang May Buhay" which was a little on the slow side. Yes there were some pitchy parts, but the runs were good. I'm sure the judges are going to have a hard time picking the winner.

Louie on the other had sang "Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin" which surely will put her on top. She's got a very powerful voice and that probably sealed the deal. She might win.

Hacel Bartolome held her comforting guitar for her final performance. It felt a little loungy, I think it wasn't the best song choice. But who knows, she finished it clean. 

Princess went with her favorite, Sharon Cuneta. Her song rendition of "Sana'y Maghintay Ang Walang Hanggan" was technically clean and very emotional.

Ka Daniel Razon spoke on stage and thanked everyone, prayed for everyone who was part of the success of this competition. He also mentioned how Church of God International has been instrumental in making this all possible plus their sponsors. The grand champion will win 2 Million pesos, a contract with Star Music, a management contract with BMPI, a brand new house and lot and a brand new car! Oh and also a trip to New York for training and styling in the US.

Jay R, Ms Annie, Kris Lawrence and Jungee also performed at the last part of the program, that was FUN especially the rap part of Sir Jungee haha!

In the end they announced the winners (although they all are already), 4th Runner Up is Hacel Bartolome (100,000 pesos richer), 3rd Runner Up is Carmela Ariola (100,000 pesos richer too!), 2nd Runner Up is Louie Anne Culala (300,000 pesos and a recording contract with Star Music), 1st Runner Up is Kimberly Baluzo who wins Php 500,000, and Grand Champion is PRINCESS SEVILLANA who wins all of that I mentioned earlier! They have just changed the fate of somebody's life here!

Congratulations to the winners! Can't wait to see you in show business!

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