EX Battalion Signs With RRJ

Thursday, March 15, 2018

You’ve heard their songs being played in every nook and cranny in the Philippines especially with the young ones who feel and relate to their lyrics, who am I talking about? It’s EX BATTALION. The rap group just signed with popular shirt and jeans brand RRJ and they have a lot of plans for the group now that they are now endorsing the brand.

Patrick of RRJ says “We are excited with EX BATALLION and you know how popular they are right now. We believe in their talent, we believe in them. Music Videos, billboards, possibly meet and greets. We will have ad campaigns for them.”

Ms Aiai says “Thank you RRJ for making them your endorsers, we are extremely happy for you to trust us. Hopefully in God’s grace this is just a start, seeing them on a billboard I feel like a stage Mom. They will have a tour in the US so they also have to have physical cd’s as the Filipinos in the US will have that. So expect that later this year.”

Ex Batallion says “Now that we have people who believe in us, we are very happy that they choose to sponsor us, they came at the right time. We feel we made it, we felt we have the potential and very thankful that my brothers in EX BATALLION will be suited up by RRJ.”

“Our swag, color coordination, that’s all going to be seen in our fashion collaboration with RRJ. We will have limited edition items which we will be working with them soon. We want to make our name right, we talk about it, we don’t want to fight. We started in an amateur rap contest, knew each other, we were in different groups but happen to know each other so we formed as Ex members of previous groups. I was skeptic that when Aiai found us on social media, she called us and it was legit. We sang and got 1 Million views, then we got booked left and right after seeking help with Ms Aiai. That’s when it all started. Way back then we didn’t know who will appreciate our songs, we previously had explicit lyrics and it was a challenge for us to make more wholesome songs.

Their members uttered “We have haters, we know, but they are the reason why we are doing our best. Now that we are here, we even have more, but it’s okay we’re getting the fruits of our labor. We also didn’t have help with our videos back then, but now with everyone’s help we have people who watch our videos. They now see us as artists and it’s a good thing with the situation of the Philippine rap scene. It’s hard to make music without a video because it makes everything interesting. Now we are thankful that people are offering their help, especially Ms Aiai. We just asked for help and everything fell into place. It was nothing about money for her, we wanted to stay independently produced. But she did it out of her heart to help us and we just felt she was the right fit to be our manager. We think we will prioritize digital first.”

Stay tuned with what they will be doing in the next few months as Ms Aiai Delas Alas and RRJ has a lot in store for them. They will be very visible in shows, locally and internationally.

You can really dream no?

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