NOKIA Brings Audio Products in PH Market

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Well what do you know, looks like Nokia is not stopping on the mobile phone game. They now have Nokia audio products specifically NOKIA E3100 to be released in the Philippines through RichGo Technology (Shenzhen) Co., who is a licensee for earphones and mobile accessories in the region. 

These earbuds have been designed with a Nordic aesthetic, but patterned it to something simple like an egg. They also chose colors that would be ideal for the millennial in mind (Black/Grey, Red/Pink, Blue, Orange/Green and Cyan/Magenta), then made it very comfortable inside the ear so you can run and jump around with it without any worries. You can pair it wireless in 3 seconds or less, with push button controls, it's easy to play or adjust the volume when you need to. The E3100 also lasts up to 10 hours and sound quality ain't that bad. Best of all, they're offering this at Php 2,000.


RichGo's COO Mr. Casey Lim says "We are so excited to release our Essential and Pro lines soon as we have had a lot of people request for it. Our  True Wireless Audio products will be available on 3.3 through our official online stores and retail partners. We will also include a 1 year warranty and start festivities via Shopee on their 3.3 Mega Sale and exclusive launch at the Shopee Mall. This is all for our Nokia fans in the Philippines."

The Nokia E3100 has a 3.7V battery and the charging case has 400mAh of juice. You can also charge it with a USB-C charger and is splash proof (IPX3 standard). They will also release other products included in the Essential and Pro line so stay tuned for that. You may visit their official site and follow @MyNokia and @RichGoPH for more information about the products.


ROG PH Launches ROG Flow X13 and ROG XG Mobile External GPU

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Good news for pro gamers as ROG Philippines just unveiled the new ROG Flow X13 and the ROG XG Mobile External GPU. The ROG Flow X13 is a 13 inch gaming laptop which at first look, you wouldn't even conceive how much power they fit into this portable hardware. The ROG Flow 13 is equipped with a AMD Ryzen 9 5980HS processor that can do a lot of things, accommodate tons of games as it is octacore. It also has an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650, 32GB memory, a terabyte of storage and a huge 3840 x 2400 touch display (that's 16:10 which is different than your usual 16:9) which you can use to see those little details you need to win games.

As you may understand, it comes packaged with an ROG XG which is an external GPU so you can handle even more graphics especially those high setting third person shooter PC software you're fond of. This is only under 3 pounds, so compared to those bulky gaming laptop computers it is pretty light. Price wise, it's pretty hefty and will be very near the premium ROG laptops released in the previous year. But it's understandable because of how they made this compact as this. They also released a couple of ROG rigs like the Zephyrus Duo 15 SE, the Zephyrus G15, Strix Scar 15/17 and so much more during the same event. They're also available in different colors which is good in my books so you can personalize your rig and choose what's pleasing to the eyes.

They are also selling this as a bundle, so if you're serious about this, you can opt for this offer from ROG.

This sure has made those who are serious in gaming want something that is compact, light rather than those huge ones out in the market. Hope we could have hands on experience on these soon. This is available this February on ROG showrooms and authorized ASUS resellers nationwide!

One can dream, and this dream is surely BIG!


Why ANGELICA-COCO Movie Almost Didn't Happen



Love or Money, which will you choose? Well that's a hard question to answer but this new film from Star Cinema is just going to answer that for you. Angelica Panganiban and Coco Martin is teaming up in this project and with their first on screen pairing, it's going to be very exciting!

The Love or Money Blogcon or BLOVECON was a pretty fun way to actually get to know who their characters are and if you haven't bought tickets at KTX.PH, this might actually convince you to do so. 

Direk Mae Cruz Alviar says "My artists were not flying to locations and we were blind doing the scenes. I was already ready but people were already sent home because of safety protocols. We were supposed to extend but Coco had Probinsyano and cut the trip short, it was a blessing because after that, we had the lockdown. Announcements were done while we were at the beach finishing some scenes. We forgot the film and saved ourselves while editing in between takes, and online, then waited for things to become normal. This was really a pandemic baby, it had so many challenges. We went through a lot and survived through that. Coco also had a limit in English, we joke about that. He asked me to direct him because he was Cardo for several years. He wanted to be corrected. He listens and he wants to know that, as he wants to be different in this movie. He is very patient, he knows how to fake punches and he knows the tricks, he suggests stuff, he does action 101. I learned a lot from him and he was so kind."

Angelica Panganiban says "When we were in Dubai, we were all going to run fast to the airport because lockdowns were already happening. We were pressured to finish this but didn't know if everything would close down. We were also worried about the shoot in the Philippines and if the movie is going to show in the country. Pandemic, the whole COVID thing was just crazy. If love or money, I would still choose love. If you work hard, you could still get that money, but love is a little harder to get and you pray for that. I couldn't find any fault on choosing money though, because if that gives them happiness, if that provides for them and their family, you can do without love, because that's the truth. You can find love later, or if not, you still will be happy. You can be lucky to have both. It's a big responsibility to give opinions, you have to know yourself, what your rights are, we are just lucky as artists, but they too can contradict you, and also give their opinions, that too is their right. Coco is tahimik, mahiyain, it was hard to actually pull off our team up because he has his own world. I was crazy, and I think he somehow doesn't get that. I was expecting him to give me a bike, a vespa, but he didn't, I was asking him to buy me jewelry, but he didn't. My room was actually full of food, it was like a grocery, I added a lot of pounds and ate a lot while we were there. Also, I wouldn't mind if I were supposed to be stuck there because it felt good to be there, I like that country."

This was a super fun interview because Angel was just hilarious! But she'll be showing sides of love, hope, and romance too. Watch her journey as she chooses love of money in this movie. This almost didn't happen because of the lockdown, but they were able to finish it so you could get something to watch. It's light romance with some of the best actors ABSCBN could churn out, Star Cinema made it, so I think that's enough. 


They do good movies.


OPPO Does One Day Upgrade to RENO5 4G

Today is a good day for OPPO owners as the mobile phone manufacturer just launched their very own trade in program for OPPO F series users. This means all owners of OPPO F1, F1s, F1s Upgraded, F1 Plus, F3, F3 Plus, F5, F5 6GB, F7 Youth, F7, F7 128GB, F9, F11 6GB, F11 Pro 64GB, F11 Pro 128GB, and F11 Pro Marvel Avengers Limited Edition will have the opportunity to get the latest OPPO RENO5 4G phone on a discounted price in select OPPO stores in SM Manila, Megamall, Market Market in Taguig, SM Mall of Asia, SM Fairview, SM Taytay and SM North Edsa. The max discount you can get is Php 4,499 but it depends on the model of your phone and the appraisal that you get from official OPPO technicians on site.

For OPPO F1, F1s, F1s Upgraded, F5, and F5 6GB, you can get a max amount of Php 1,499 while the owners of OPPO F3 Plus, F3, and F9 will get max amount of Php 2,999 while owners of F11 6GB, F1 Plus, F7 Youth, and F7 (which I have) can get Php 3,499 less on the actual price of the OPPO Reno 5 4G. For those who own the OPPO F11 Pro 128GB, F7 128GB, F11 Pro 64GB, and F11 Pro Marvel Avengers Limited Edition, you can get the max amount of Php 4,499. It will be inspected of course and will have your device price deductions done if it has damage or defects since it's been with you for years already. They will give you the specified amount voucher so you can use it to trade in your phone for the much higher model. I'm actually thinking about it too because my F7 has been with me for years now and I still use it for coverage and gaming.

If you prefer getting plans for this particular handset, they are available also on Globe and Smart postpaid plans which you can get online if you prefer not to trade in your phones. Aside from that, they've got it on installment, if you don't want to pay much they can accommodate that too.

If I were you, I'd be going to these specific malls so I can ask how much I'd be able to trade my OPPO phone, it's done a remarkable job for me these past few years and I'm sure the RENO5 4G would too. Visit the OPPO Philippines facebook page if you want more information about this promo.



Friday, February 26, 2021


Things have not yet gone normal in your place and there are tons of things you need to do like financial transactions, or maybe just get emergency funds too. In the Philippines, Cebuana Lhullier is one of the most trusted pawnshop brands and this pandemic, they've been very useful especially for us Filipinos who value family ties and help each other out in times like these. 

Now not all of us are confident to go out because of COVID-19 and people have limited access to vaccine and proper tests, and businesses thankfully have been able to stay away from the brick and mortar model and started to adapt online. Same with Cebuana Lhullier as they now have launched CEBUANA FROM HOME. It's a new platform to give all of the usual services that Cebuana Lhullier has and make it all available online. Yeap, you heard that right, from pawning jewelry to doing remittance services, they can do it now!

How to PAWN from Home

This one is actually easy. Just log in on their official website Then after that, just wait for your form to be reviewed and an appraiser from the nearest Cebuana Lhullier will come to your home, check the item, negotiate the price then give you the loan on the spot. You can also pay for the interest or the actual item on the same platform so you don't have to go to the branch anymore unless you're picking it up. 

Pay Bills, Send Cash Remittance or Get Insurance

That's not all, of course, since the 2,500 strong branches of Cebuana Lhullier also accept payments for the most common utilities which comprise of about 10 billers nationwide. You can also send money from home by doing it online so the other party can receive it from Cebuana Lhullier agents. They also have insurance available for Personal, Medical Expenses or Doctor's Consultation if you want to protect the lives of your family.

They Do Express Delivery

Since some areas are difficult to access, they do deliveries too.  Your pawned items can be sent or delivered securely with their own express delivery service. As of now, this is available only in pilot areas so it would be better to ask your nearest Cebuana Lhullier first if they do allow the service. They have their own dedicated fleet for this so you're assured you get those things safe.

Cebuana From Home (CFH) is available on the said website, their Android App, Facebook Messenger or SMS service. Hopefully, all these would be available to the public soon. This would be so good for those who can't leave or choose to be at home.



This was postponed last year because of obvious reasons, but it had to be done. The country's most good looking Uncles, Ian Veneracion and Ogie Alcasid will be doing their concert called Virtually Yours, KILABOTITOS which is happening March 26th.

Ian Veneracion told us how he was called Tito and says "So I had a project with Bea Alonzo and when we introduced ourselves, she suddenly asked if she could call me Tito, I immediately told her "Tito mo mukha mo wag kang magkakamali! (in jest)" but it was a little heartbreaking, we can't stop aging."

Ogie on the other hand said "The first time I got called Tito was when I was 13 and my sister got pregnant. Aside from that, it was Lovi Poe who called me that since we were with the same manager. Then after that, when I transferred in ABSCBN all the other singers called me that way, these days, I'm like used to it and I'm already 53 so I think it's okay now to call me that."

 Here's more of the short interview we did with them today!




The two will be making your post valentines day blues away and will give you the hit 70's and 80's music which you were binging on during this pandemic. Though it will be held live online, Virtually Yours KilaboTITOS will still make you swoon because these guys still have it. Tickets are sold on KTX.PH or and I heard they're almost sold out.


Some Good Discoveries with VIVO Y31

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Life hasn't been easy and while we scour to find and make a living, we seek refuge at home, to ultimately enjoy the time we have for our family, less likely perks of this pandemic.Everyday we find ways to entertain ourselves, to watch videos off the internet and learn a new language, or something to cook, plant, or build inside our homes. You discover things with yourself, and sometimes it's amazing!

The vivo Y31 has 128 GB of space to fill with your memories, and an expandable microSDXC slot if you need more. The apps you use need a lot of these so you can watch all day, work and play without the need to get it from a different device, wouldn't that be good? 

Streaming A Lot!

The age of KDramas, Asian ones, BL YouTube series, Netflix, HBO Go, Apple TV and iFlix suddenly have had a surge of watch hours and yes, it can all be streamed in your phone. The portability, the way you put it up your face and fall down several times while you're in bed, but still didn't stop watching your favorite titles at home. You simply couldn't imagine your life without it, and all you post on social media suddenly have had activity, you find your kindred souls and talk about it all on your timeline. Then you go on and ask a few more things, your library didn't stop growing and you learn a lot about crying in scenes because they're just that good. If you knew it could handle all that content, your phone can do more.

Suddenly Shopaholic

The way we shop suddenly stopped; but lo and behold the growing E commerce industry answered our prayers and got several online shopping and delivery apps improved our options to safely do it in our own homes. Opening your cart or the app itself needs a better and faster OS, hence Android 11 with FunTouch 11 on the vivo Y31. Now it's the better option to get your necessities like groceries, food, things you need for the office since we all work at home. Heck I even bought a table and ladder online and they delivered in less than a week which means it's that convenient. Food can be sent to your house in hours even without cooking, you can actually survive in this day and age. Pretty cool.

Bond Over Gaming

You miss your friends and family. You can't go to their house physically, and what better way to bond over but online games. The bouts in third person shooters, or MMORPG games, is now easy and can be handled by mobile phones. Like the vivo Y31 that's sufficiently equipped with the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 662 octa-core processor. Whether data or WiFi, you can connect with your family and friends easily. In it, you can talk, plan your wars, cooperate in skirmishes and win together. It's something that is so good to have during a time when we're all confined in our rooms. 


It makes us all feel we exist, while we may sometimes never have enough to snack on but hey, this just seem to make technology so endearing. It got us connected through tough times and made the supply chain exist, and handle the pandemic better compared to (if) we were not that way. It's a good thing to know that at least, you find yourselves appreciating what phones can do these days. The vivo Y31 is equipped with a 48-megapixel camera, so you can take really nice photos, take nice videos so you can share them through messaging apps. Aside from that, the phone also lasts long because of its battery life. You can see more about the vivo Y31 at You can also see more of it on the vivo Philippines Facebook page, Twitter and IG account. You can also get them online via the vivo official store in Shopee and Lazada.

It's a nice discovery, life changing in fact and we've all witnessed that during this time. 


Beko Does OXtra Ordinary Sale

Oxtra because it's the Year of the OX, that's quite smart for a pun with Beko as they now have put several products on a lesser price. Europe's Number One Appliance brand probably thought it was a good idea to have their stuff marked down so more people can enjoy the best of what they can offer. This happens on top of seasonal sales they do on a regular basis much like in Europe.

For starters, they've got a  (BIM25301X) 60cm Built-in Multifunction Oven with eight cooking functions sold for only Php 19,992, while the (HIMW75225SX) 70cm built-in gas Hob (flat metal shelf) costs Php14,990 which cost about 5K less its regular rate. They also have a (HISW72225SOB) 75cm built-in gas hob that costs Php10,392 and (HISW73225SOB) which is a 75cm built-in gas hob priced at Php11,192. That's 2K less the regular price. They have (RCNT340E50VZP) a 12 cu. ft. no frost fridge sold for Php 27,690 and the (RDNT251I50VS) which is an 8.8 cu. ft top mount no frost refrigerator, which costs Php 17,290. That means they took off 3-4K off its regular price, which is a huge amount of savings. For those who don't like handwashing, they've got the WCV7612X0 which is a front load fully automatic washing machine that can take 7 kilos of cloths. 

It only costs Php 24,090 which is almost 4K less the original price. You can also get a FREE Beko vacuum cleaner when you purchase the BDC6C55X which is a 60-c.m. 4 vitro-ceramic hob oven. That costs around Php 46,791 which is about 5K less the original price. They've got a lot of other stuff like vacuum cleaners, front load washing machines, gas and hot plate ranges, grills and range hoods.

Thing is, this will only be until February 28 so if you would like to take advantage of this sale, go check out Beko's official facebook page at coz it's all there!

Don't say I didn't tell you!


Xiaomi Mi11 Launched in the Philippines

Playing Severus Snape on Zoom meetings is one HOT mess LOL

This is my first coverage for this phone brand Xiaomi Philippines. They just released a couple of things like the new smartphone Mi 11, the Mi Vacuum Cleaner G10 and the Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 Mercedes- AMG Petronas F1 Team Edition (which is quite fancy).


Tomi Adrias  of Xiaomi Philippines says "The new Mi11 has been released in China and elsewhere around the world and tonight is our time. This is a nation that breeds culture and creativity, and telling meaningful stories on this tech wonder would be the perfect fit."

The Mi 11 is built for photos and videos, now you can record and take shots with its 108MP wide-angle camera sensor. It's the world's most advanced camera which this phone uses for its primary shooter. It also has a 13MP ultra-wide angle camera and 5MP telemacro lens so it can do other things and have those creamy background shots when you need it.

The screen has 120Hz 6.81” AMOLED DotDisplay and has Harmon Kardon audio equipped on this model so you get really good sound from its own phone speakers. Get the 8GB+256GB variety so you can maximize the hardware LPDDR5 3200MHz RAM. It's priced at Php 36,990 and will be sold at Xiaomi Philipine store on March 13th. If you prefer to get them online, it's also on the Xiaomi Philippines Shopee and Lazada stores so you've got lots of choices. This handset comes in two colors which is Midnight Gray and Horizon Blue. If you order early, you'll get freebies from Xiaomi too so don't think about it too much if you need one.

For those who want to have the new Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team edition, it's pretty sick. It stands 1130x430x490 mm and weighs 14.2KG. It can carry 100KG so be worried if you didn't get to stop eating since Christmas. The batteries have 12800mAh capacity and the motor has 300W and max 600W power. The charging time is around 8.5 hours and it can run to about 25km/h. It's got the usual headlights, eABS and Mechanical braking system and can travel 45km on a max charge. Too fun not to have if you need and afford it. It costs Php 34,990. 

For home makers, the Mi Vaccum Cleaner G10 is a dream. It's severely powerful, quite helpful for doing most of your chores with less time, and is quite colorful + pleasing to the eyes. It costs Php 10,990 and would be the perfect gift for Mom so she wouldn't be bending her back so much cleaning your filthy room (I kid!).

Now they had us reprise the role of our favorite movie characters because they're also launching Mi Movie Cinematic Video Contest. All you need to do is make a 1-2 minute cinematic video and post it publicly on your Facebook account. No specific concepts, you can make your own, be creative. Content must be new though and not be used with other contests. 1080p quality is needed, DSLR's or phones, whichever works. Just tag @XiaomiPhilippines on FB and use #MovieMagic and  #Mi11isHere as hashtags. You must use the Mi 11 Spotlight On photo as your Facebook cover photo so you can qualify for the contest. You may download it here This contest will only be open until March 4, 2021.

Go do it now before time runs out! So how about that Mi scooter no? I want one soon!


JOSHUA GARCIA in his latest JOLLIBEE Commercial

Joshua Garcia is the talk of the town today. The trending video he did with Julia Barretto just gave us so many memories of their past relationship, so much that all the things they said on that Moira music video, felt so real... as if it came from the words they weren't able to tell each other before they broke up (if that did happen). Anyway, Joshua doesn't just do drama these days, he's actually working out and if you haven't noticed, he's getting a bit bigger than what he looked like a couple months ago. It's a good regimen which might land him in future roles as he's extremely capable of doing so.

100% Beefy Langhap-Sarap Jollibee Yumburger

Naghahanap ng tunay na beefy? Watch this video para malaman mo kung ano ba talaga ang #TunayNaBeefy. Order now through the new Jollibee Delivery App,, #87000, GrabFood, or foodpanda! Also available in Drive-Thru, Take Out, and Dine-In. Download the Jollibee App:

Posted by Jollibee on Thursday, February 11, 2021

Just recently, he also starred in a Jollibee commercial which featured his favorite treat right after a workout, the Jollibee Yumburger. It's cheap, and is what he craves for during this pandemic. It's made with 100% real beef so you can smell that "langhap sarap" thing they've actually been famous for. Best of all, it only costs Php 35 for the solo and Php 49 if you get the Cheesy Yumburger instead. You can order it through the app, their website or #87000 which is their hotline. They are also available in Grab and Foodpanda so whatever floats your boat, they're there!

Which reminds me, I'm hungry now! Penge naman Joshua!


Meet JAMES REID via TaskUs Virtual Concert


The good looking guy is just about to make someones dream come true specifically people from Bohol as he's doing a virtual concert entitled "TaskUs Dibs: James Reid" in TaskUS Tagbilaran City, their newest site.  This will be streamed online via TaskUs’s social media accounts at 6PM.

Of course you can expect that he'll be singing his hit songs "I Know You Care", "16B" and "Fiend" which has been doing quite well in radio, YouTube and just about every streaming platform there is worldwide and much of that is well loved by his fans. Thing is, this is going to be a little special. Why you ask? It's because TEN lucky TaskUs teammates and applicants will be given the chance to meet and greet the main man himself JAMES REID virtually right after the concert. That's going to be tough competition because I'm sure, a lot of people will apply, but of course, it'll be worth it because it is HIM right?



TaskUs is a tech enabled company that delivers digital customer service, AI operations and content security to different multinational companies. They have partnered with James Reid for this virtual concert as a way to also celebrate their official ninth site in the Philippines. They also have other offices elsewhere around the world. Bohol is of course, full of talented individuals that can answer needs for technology, innovation and other services. Their workforce currently use Cirrus as its platform and is completely working from home, which is quite good even in the pandemic. Their new site has well designed and bright sections complete with gaming equipment and stations. They also have employee benefits which includes life coaches, psychological and psychiatric services. If you're up to it and want a piece of their culture, visit for more information. You can also visit their Facebook and IG at TaskUSPh or their LinkedIN and Twitter account @TaskUS.

You can see job postings here!

Good luck y'all!


The APAC Predator League will happen this April 2021

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

It's a bit sad that I wouldn't be able to watch the championship in person, but this is an awesome alternative. Our friends from Acer just announced that the Asia Pacific (APAC) Predator League 2020/21 will happen on April 6-11, 2021 but to be seen fully online. The 2020 league postponement was heartbreaking but we all know we had to be safe from the pandemic, but they promise to make it up to you in this final battle which will be seen online on their social channels.

President of Acer Pan Asia Pacific Regional Operations Andrew Hou says "Because of the pandemic, we have made the decision to move the competition to Spring of 2021. This was done for the safety of all our players, fans and organizers.”

Difference is, they will have the teams who qualified for the Grand Finals have their respective slots while those who haven't yet will be done by invitation initiated by Acer. They will also be battling it out via bubbles in specific locations. All of these for the chance to win the highly prized APAC Predator League shield plus a price pool of US$ 400,000 ain't that bad right?

1. APAC Predator League 2020/21 Grand Final Dota 2 Asia
2. APAC Predator League 2020/21 Grand Final Dota 2 APAC
3. APAC Predator League 2020/21 Grand Final PUBG Asia
4. APAC Predator League 2020/21 Grand Final PUBG APAC

For those who are looking forward to the APAC Predator League 2020/21, it will all be shown on Acer Predator’s Facebook page and on Twitch, so just follow them there this early okay? Schedules will also be there. They also have IG and Twitter so don't be sad now, tickets will also be refunded for those who had them for the grand finals, get in touch with them on how to do it.

See you then!


Buffalo Wild Wings Introduces “Football Field Pizza”


My personal choice in pizza lies on the actual toppings of it. I need meat, lots of cheese, a few veggie bits and a couple rounds of beer with it. There are tons out there but only a few are good, some of them landed in Buffalo Wild Wings. They're aptly called Football Field Pizza following the restaurants theme and why not if you see them this long, which reminds me of those college matches and superbowl numbers they do in the field. 

I bet you, your family and friends would fancy 18 inch pizzas with flavors like BBQ Chicken, Three-Meat, Four-Cheese or the Quatro Combi. Some of these of which are also lathered in their signature Buffalo Wild Wings’ BBQ Sauce with toppings like grilled chicken, peppers, onions, mozzarella, cheddar cheese (for the BBQ Chicken Pizza). The Three Meat has pepperoni, smoked bacon, grilled chicken, mozzarella and some sharp pecorino cheese to complement it. The Four-Cheese Pizza on the other hand has mozzarella, funky bleu cheese, cheddar, feta, green onions, plus their Buffalo Wild Wings’ signature dry rub chipotle so you get a spicy kick. If you and your friends can't decide what to get, simply say Quatro Combi Pizza so they can give you parts of the pizza that has all Three-meat, Four Cheese and Margarita Pizza ingredients combined. Just telling you these flavors made my mouth water, but surely, these would be a hit in your homes if you plan to take it out for home parties. That's a nice idea eh?

If you fancy more, get the Buffalo Wild Wings’ or the boneless chicken wings which are available in different flavors (my fave is still Buffalo and Chipotle or the Carribean Jerk). They also have mean burgers, so order more! You can get more information about what's on their menu via Buffalo Wild Wings on FB or @bwwingsph on Instagram.

They're darn good!


Demand for Bria on the Rise


Yes, it's still happening and of course this is after the Department of Public Works and Highways, the Department of Transportation and Bases Conversion and Development Authority pushed through with the government's Build Build Build program and made it a priority. Part of these include major roads, highways, bridges that would make every community in different parts of the country accessible when projects are completed. It's one of the reasons why the demand for Bria is on the rise because pretty soon, their property values would skyrocket and it'll be a wise time to invest in the real estate market.

Right now, there are several BRIA communities in different parts of the country and as they continue to build and provide high-quality yet affordable house and lots, and restrictions are reported to ease, more people from the metropolis are flocking to properties outside so they can go to less crowded, but fresh air laden communities.

There's a BRIA Homes community in Mariveles, Bataan which you can later access via the Bataan-Cavite Interlink Bridge. This actually connects the municipality of Mariveles to Naic, Cavite which originally would take hours to travel. Aside from that, there's a BRIA Homes property in Alaminos, Laguna which you can later access via the Alaminos-San Pablo City Bypass Road which is also a lengthy travel from Quezon to Laguna. When they finish the MRT 7 project in Quezon City, it's going to be easy to get to and from BRIA San Jose del Monte, a very promising commune in the North. There will be more roads and projects in these areas soon and that's going to help boost economic growth in these provinces, which likely will happen soon.

If you want to know more about these communities and what place you can invest in, give their official site a visit or their social media channels Bria Homes, Inc. on FB, Twitter, IG, YT, Pinterest, Spotify, Viber, Telegram, Kakao Talk, LINE or WhatsApp. You can also call them on mobila via 09398879637 so they can help you with inquiries.