Meet JAMES REID via TaskUs Virtual Concert

Thursday, February 25, 2021


The good looking guy is just about to make someones dream come true specifically people from Bohol as he's doing a virtual concert entitled "TaskUs Dibs: James Reid" in TaskUS Tagbilaran City, their newest site.  This will be streamed online via TaskUs’s social media accounts at 6PM.

Of course you can expect that he'll be singing his hit songs "I Know You Care", "16B" and "Fiend" which has been doing quite well in radio, YouTube and just about every streaming platform there is worldwide and much of that is well loved by his fans. Thing is, this is going to be a little special. Why you ask? It's because TEN lucky TaskUs teammates and applicants will be given the chance to meet and greet the main man himself JAMES REID virtually right after the concert. That's going to be tough competition because I'm sure, a lot of people will apply, but of course, it'll be worth it because it is HIM right?



TaskUs is a tech enabled company that delivers digital customer service, AI operations and content security to different multinational companies. They have partnered with James Reid for this virtual concert as a way to also celebrate their official ninth site in the Philippines. They also have other offices elsewhere around the world. Bohol is of course, full of talented individuals that can answer needs for technology, innovation and other services. Their workforce currently use Cirrus as its platform and is completely working from home, which is quite good even in the pandemic. Their new site has well designed and bright sections complete with gaming equipment and stations. They also have employee benefits which includes life coaches, psychological and psychiatric services. If you're up to it and want a piece of their culture, visit for more information. You can also visit their Facebook and IG at TaskUSPh or their LinkedIN and Twitter account @TaskUS.

You can see job postings here!

Good luck y'all!


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