Closeup x Shopee Deals to Prove #LoveBuildsLove

Friday, February 12, 2021

I had the chance to have a date a few days ago. Honestly, I've been working hard during these hard times and I barely had the time to do that. It felt really good, and reconnecting, was something I needed. Both of us while having dinner were having anxiety attacks at first, but I felt safe after a few servings of USDA Beef and a long chat. 

I was also given a cow laden glass and wind chimes. It was a small gesture, but it meant a LOT. In that moment, I felt loved and appreciated. I wish I had the same thing going on in my mind and did the same, that would have been amazing. I just bought pastries to take home and dinner, which I hope communicated the same. These small things, it makes a ripple of love and just like a lot of people, I appreciate that. 

You can get some of the products packages here

Closeup Red Hot 175G Special Offer x4

Closeup Green Menthol Fresh 175G Special Offer x4

Closeup All Around Fresh Cool Mint 4x125g Special Offer

I've seen this campaign of CLOSE UP where everyone deserves a chance to love #FreeToLove. Together with Shopee, they're doing this really sick #FreeToLove Sale which is going to happen from February 8 to 14 so you can get your CLOSE UP items at 50% Off. Aside from that, they're also throwing in custom chocolates, love themed sticker packs, and K themed couple shirts. Honestly, I love this a lot. They also believe that #LoveBuildsLove. Closeup is also sharing perks via so you can make an ECard (which you can also share) and earn U points so you can get some of these things with discounts and vouchers.

Now go get these items and give it to someone special, small things, small gestures do count. Don't let her wait boy! Time to make that Valentines day a real one, made with love, love, love.


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