SMART Signature Sim Only Plans with Netflix Now Available

Thursday, February 04, 2021

Still making it easier for you is Smart. Now they have new SIM only Smart Signature plans which also comes with its own Netflix subscription, now that's amazing! In huge festivities a few days ago, they were as excited as I am in taking postpaid plans more affordable and feature packed so more Filipinos can get connected. 

You see, without the phone packages, customers can now get those valuable Smart numbers without worrying about the phone payment and settle with good phones you own now. I also enjoy the convenience of paying at a later date.  What's new you say? It comes with Netflix too, so those original shows which you can only see on the app is now within reach. If you're a fan of Crash Landing On You, Money Heist, Stranger Things, The Umbrella Academy, Extraction, Bridgerton, Kingdom, The Crown or just about any hit show/movie there is in the US, Philippines or elsewhere in the world, you can access it now through streaming because of this. I've seen a plan as low as Php 999 a month but there's definitely more of it on

 With the Filipinos consuming a lot of data with streaming services, this is indeed welcome news. If it's already included in the plan, you can easily budget your data and never have to go out of your homes anymore just to buy a card or use apps for it. I've dreaded that part in the past, and now, consumers have more choices so it would fit their lifestyle. You can also use the GIGA Life app so you can monitor your usage and never see shocking bills for things you don't even use.  You can get it by booking online or face to face appointment. Now that's convenient!

Go get those Netflix plans, it'll be fun to binge watch more with Smart Signature!


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