Buffalo Wild Wings Introduces “Football Field Pizza”

Wednesday, February 24, 2021


My personal choice in pizza lies on the actual toppings of it. I need meat, lots of cheese, a few veggie bits and a couple rounds of beer with it. There are tons out there but only a few are good, some of them landed in Buffalo Wild Wings. They're aptly called Football Field Pizza following the restaurants theme and why not if you see them this long, which reminds me of those college matches and superbowl numbers they do in the field. 

I bet you, your family and friends would fancy 18 inch pizzas with flavors like BBQ Chicken, Three-Meat, Four-Cheese or the Quatro Combi. Some of these of which are also lathered in their signature Buffalo Wild Wings’ BBQ Sauce with toppings like grilled chicken, peppers, onions, mozzarella, cheddar cheese (for the BBQ Chicken Pizza). The Three Meat has pepperoni, smoked bacon, grilled chicken, mozzarella and some sharp pecorino cheese to complement it. The Four-Cheese Pizza on the other hand has mozzarella, funky bleu cheese, cheddar, feta, green onions, plus their Buffalo Wild Wings’ signature dry rub chipotle so you get a spicy kick. If you and your friends can't decide what to get, simply say Quatro Combi Pizza so they can give you parts of the pizza that has all Three-meat, Four Cheese and Margarita Pizza ingredients combined. Just telling you these flavors made my mouth water, but surely, these would be a hit in your homes if you plan to take it out for home parties. That's a nice idea eh?

If you fancy more, get the Buffalo Wild Wings’ or the boneless chicken wings which are available in different flavors (my fave is still Buffalo and Chipotle or the Carribean Jerk). They also have mean burgers, so order more! You can get more information about what's on their menu via Buffalo Wild Wings on FB or @bwwingsph on Instagram.

They're darn good!


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