Friday, February 26, 2021


Things have not yet gone normal in your place and there are tons of things you need to do like financial transactions, or maybe just get emergency funds too. In the Philippines, Cebuana Lhullier is one of the most trusted pawnshop brands and this pandemic, they've been very useful especially for us Filipinos who value family ties and help each other out in times like these. 

Now not all of us are confident to go out because of COVID-19 and people have limited access to vaccine and proper tests, and businesses thankfully have been able to stay away from the brick and mortar model and started to adapt online. Same with Cebuana Lhullier as they now have launched CEBUANA FROM HOME. It's a new platform to give all of the usual services that Cebuana Lhullier has and make it all available online. Yeap, you heard that right, from pawning jewelry to doing remittance services, they can do it now!

How to PAWN from Home

This one is actually easy. Just log in on their official website Then after that, just wait for your form to be reviewed and an appraiser from the nearest Cebuana Lhullier will come to your home, check the item, negotiate the price then give you the loan on the spot. You can also pay for the interest or the actual item on the same platform so you don't have to go to the branch anymore unless you're picking it up. 

Pay Bills, Send Cash Remittance or Get Insurance

That's not all, of course, since the 2,500 strong branches of Cebuana Lhullier also accept payments for the most common utilities which comprise of about 10 billers nationwide. You can also send money from home by doing it online so the other party can receive it from Cebuana Lhullier agents. They also have insurance available for Personal, Medical Expenses or Doctor's Consultation if you want to protect the lives of your family.

They Do Express Delivery

Since some areas are difficult to access, they do deliveries too.  Your pawned items can be sent or delivered securely with their own express delivery service. As of now, this is available only in pilot areas so it would be better to ask your nearest Cebuana Lhullier first if they do allow the service. They have their own dedicated fleet for this so you're assured you get those things safe.

Cebuana From Home (CFH) is available on the said website, their Android App, Facebook Messenger or SMS service. Hopefully, all these would be available to the public soon. This would be so good for those who can't leave or choose to be at home.


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