You Can Choose Your BL Star in "Pa-mine Pare"

Friday, February 05, 2021

This is interesting. An upcoming BL Movie is about to unfold but first things first, they have to pick who will star in this film. Your choices are Gian Wang, Ali Abinal, Eian Rances, Tan Roncal and Shoichi Oka. Boys Love is definitely something that kept audiences in the country sane during the pandemic and now YOU have the choice of who you would like to see in this project called Pa-mine Pare. Now seriously, who would you choose?

Ali Abinal

Eian Rances

Gian Wang

Shoichi Oka

Tan Roncal

 The plot was explained to us earlier. They will be straight rough guys who will suddenly find themselves feeling something romantic with their partner. I asked them some really uncomfortable questions, to hopefully see how they would handle the role if they get picked in this competition. They're very competitive!


Up until February 25, you can choose who will be the lead stars of this film. Vote via KUMU when they stream or KTX.PH because you have the power to see who will be part of the cast, which hopefully will include your favorite stars so you can stream them soon.

They're all good looking, and I can't wait to see who will be on the title role for this project!


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