Some Good Discoveries with VIVO Y31

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Life hasn't been easy and while we scour to find and make a living, we seek refuge at home, to ultimately enjoy the time we have for our family, less likely perks of this pandemic.Everyday we find ways to entertain ourselves, to watch videos off the internet and learn a new language, or something to cook, plant, or build inside our homes. You discover things with yourself, and sometimes it's amazing!

The vivo Y31 has 128 GB of space to fill with your memories, and an expandable microSDXC slot if you need more. The apps you use need a lot of these so you can watch all day, work and play without the need to get it from a different device, wouldn't that be good? 

Streaming A Lot!

The age of KDramas, Asian ones, BL YouTube series, Netflix, HBO Go, Apple TV and iFlix suddenly have had a surge of watch hours and yes, it can all be streamed in your phone. The portability, the way you put it up your face and fall down several times while you're in bed, but still didn't stop watching your favorite titles at home. You simply couldn't imagine your life without it, and all you post on social media suddenly have had activity, you find your kindred souls and talk about it all on your timeline. Then you go on and ask a few more things, your library didn't stop growing and you learn a lot about crying in scenes because they're just that good. If you knew it could handle all that content, your phone can do more.

Suddenly Shopaholic

The way we shop suddenly stopped; but lo and behold the growing E commerce industry answered our prayers and got several online shopping and delivery apps improved our options to safely do it in our own homes. Opening your cart or the app itself needs a better and faster OS, hence Android 11 with FunTouch 11 on the vivo Y31. Now it's the better option to get your necessities like groceries, food, things you need for the office since we all work at home. Heck I even bought a table and ladder online and they delivered in less than a week which means it's that convenient. Food can be sent to your house in hours even without cooking, you can actually survive in this day and age. Pretty cool.

Bond Over Gaming

You miss your friends and family. You can't go to their house physically, and what better way to bond over but online games. The bouts in third person shooters, or MMORPG games, is now easy and can be handled by mobile phones. Like the vivo Y31 that's sufficiently equipped with the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 662 octa-core processor. Whether data or WiFi, you can connect with your family and friends easily. In it, you can talk, plan your wars, cooperate in skirmishes and win together. It's something that is so good to have during a time when we're all confined in our rooms. 


It makes us all feel we exist, while we may sometimes never have enough to snack on but hey, this just seem to make technology so endearing. It got us connected through tough times and made the supply chain exist, and handle the pandemic better compared to (if) we were not that way. It's a good thing to know that at least, you find yourselves appreciating what phones can do these days. The vivo Y31 is equipped with a 48-megapixel camera, so you can take really nice photos, take nice videos so you can share them through messaging apps. Aside from that, the phone also lasts long because of its battery life. You can see more about the vivo Y31 at You can also see more of it on the vivo Philippines Facebook page, Twitter and IG account. You can also get them online via the vivo official store in Shopee and Lazada.

It's a nice discovery, life changing in fact and we've all witnessed that during this time. 


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