Ginebra San Miguel Outs New Video on Filipino Resilience

Saturday, February 20, 2021


We're still under lock down in Manila and everyone is experiencing hardships til now. It's hard to stay sane when people can't find work to put food on their table and it doesn't just affects them, but their whole family. What Ginebra San Miguel feels on the other hand, is that YOU can get through this like so many things in your life that you have been able to surpass. These are new challenges, these are things that can further make you tough hence their new campaign called "Bagong Hamon, Bagong Tapang". Check out this video, this has been posted just this year.

Bagong Tapang sa One Ginebra Nation

Hindi kawalan ng katapangan ang pagpapakumbaba. Ngayong nagbago ang mundo, bago na rin ang tapang mo! #OneGinebraNation

Posted by Ginebra San Miguel on Wednesday, December 30, 2020

The pandemic brought out the worst, but also the good things about the Filipino spirit. We draw strength from our family, our friends, and we know that if we fall even so many times, we can still rise above these challenges with a BIGGER outlook on life, making sure we pick up the pieces and rebuild our businesses, our lives, and make sure our family is taken cared of. Ginebra also encourages to take well deserved breaks, so stay humble, and work our way up again. To showcase a different kind of courage and succeed this battle, we always can recharge, because how can we help others with an empty cup? Makes sense huh?

Current Marketing Manager for Ginebra San Miguel Ron Molina says "Pinoys have always been tough people. No matter what challenges we have today, we know we can do it, to work and succeed, to also celebrate small victories. We learn from these things and continue to evolve, and adapt! We all face these challenges with a new found eagerness to fight on as we all get forged to get more tough after this pandemic. Ginebra continues to be one with Filipinos during these uncertain times, and as we rebuild our new lives."

We're here to change the world, in our own little way. Filipinos are weatherproof, resilient, tough people and we're ready to become bigger, better versions of ourselves. Check on yourselves and do what makes you happy!


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