Have You Seen Your 2020 Cashless Lifestyle Report on the Paymaya App?

Thursday, February 04, 2021



This morning was a little different, because when I opened my Paymaya app, it showed a link to information called the Paymaya 2020 Cashless Lifestyle Report. It basically summarizes all your transactions during 2020 and how you were able to get rewards each time you use the app. I took advantage of paying bills, paying for groceries, paying for food in restaurants and transferring money to other people on the Paymaya app. 

My friends have been posting (AND MAJORLY FLEXING) their cashless lifestyle results and most of them only got around 500+ pesos as cashbacks on the app. So I was merely just expecting the same kind of amount too, but lo and behold, I have been blessed!


 So after paying my bills, paying for food, paying for groceries and paying for medicine via the Paymaya app, I got a total of 1,625 pesos CASHBACK just because I used it. Now isn't that a sight for sore eyes?



The trick is, I always check the Paymaya Deals here https://www.paymaya.com/deals before I pay for anything, if they have a promo on a certain store or partner establishment, I use the Paymaya QR payment option to pay for things. I guess that's how I got this much cash back eh? Not only that, people have been donating through the Paymaya app for the Typhoon and Pandemic relief efforts last year. Just look at the 34 Million Pesos they raised just on the app!

The Paymaya 2020 Cashless Report also had granular items on where you spend your money. It's a really neat way of seeing how you spend your money. Now go update your Paymaya app now and click on the center banner where it says 2020 Cashless Report and see what happened in 2020 for you. I'm sure you've saved a lot if you are using the Paymaya App. I feel I did a really good job despite the pandemic, and I used it much because I was afraid COVID can be passed on paper money, hehe. 

*Pats myself on the back!*

Thanks Paymaya!


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