Alex Gonzaga on the Importance of IPON

Tuesday, February 16, 2021


Alex Gonzaga has been in the showbiz industry for years now. 

She's been working hard, but it wasn't all rainbows and butterflies before she got there. She did in a way, for a moment, lived under her sister Toni's shadows. She found her niche, her identity to become the more funny and flamboyant one which people found amusing. She also started posting vlogs on YouTube and got shows left and right. Her humor also hit the right people and a lot of them adore her. Her amazing Mom taught them the value of saving up for the rainy days and after years of working in the industry, Alex and her sister also went into business putting up milk tea shops and a lot of other things on the side. 

Today, she recently just got married. Aside from new shows, she's been very busy. She's also gotten the hang of spending her money wisely. She now knows that her purchase decisions not only impact her, but her husband as they're together now. Endorsing Villarica Pawnshop was a very easy decision for her. She knows people have gone through hardships and pawn gold, precious stones and metals to get emergency funds. Aside from that, Villarica also connects rural areas to banking institutions so people can save and have high appraisals for what they plan to pawn. IPON for her is important as it asserts financial security. With the things she has learned from her Mom, she's arming herself with a really good foundation for what she plans to apply for her own family with Mikey. Villarica also has money changing facilities, does withdrawal from apps, sell load, money remittance services of which Alex also wants to take advantage of. If she can't do transactions at home, there's always a Villarica Pawnshop nearby. She's endorsing it for the right reasons.

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