Hearty Filipino Comfort Food for Everyone: GoodAh!!!

Monday, February 01, 2021

I am so hungry I could eat a bear (quoting from Goku of Dagonball Z) and I know what would satisfy my craving. I've always had my Mom cook me a bowl or two of Arroz Caldo but these days, Mom spends so much time working at home that she needs hours of sleep everyday to recoup. I can cook but it's a chore to do that every day. I eat lugaw/goto/arroz caldo quite regularly and we have that for lunch or dinner because I request for it. Yes, you can say I'm a monster for that because it's very comforting. When it's raining, or just a little nippy because of the cold front, I would rather have it than eat things with rice. It hits the spot.

 I write and work in the wee hours of the morning, I am what you can say a nocturnal. If I don't have the strength to go down and work in the kitchen, I order through Grab Food. I'd say the convenience kinda outweighs the cost and really, I don't want to wake up people just for that. If it was a bit early I could order and have it picked up in the GoodAh! Timog Branch, but since GoodAh! is open 25 hours, you can order via Grab Food or Food Panda instead. What's good is that almost all the items on their menu is cheap and the variety of things you can order are plenty so you don't grow tired of what you eat which is a plus in my books.

 So I did the next best thing... I ordered (almost) everything!

Beef Nilaga, this was quite tasty. I love the broth, like they spent hours making this in the kitchen.

Sizzling Sisig, now all I want is a cold bottle or two no?

Fried Bangus, now where did I put that spicy vinegar... it's here somewhere.

Crispy Tokwa... I thought this was Tokwa't Baboy, but I guess my sister ate it all LOL

Lumpiang Shanghai, crunchy, needs ketchup so I'll have to open the cupboard

Now for a healthier alternative, get the Lumpiang Gulay, the perfect pair for my Goto.

Crispy Pata, for the whole family.

My personal favorite in the menu is this, they call this the GOTO SPECIAL. It's got beef tripe, crunchy pork bits, crunchy garlic, hard boiled egg, very hearty serving.
Arroz Caldo, wherein their version is very gingery. A few chicken bits, fried garlic, how can you not love something like this?

 So for those who are looking for a hearty and comforting bowl of Filipino GOTO, it's easy to get one from an institution. Since I've been working in Eastwood, or just lounging around in my home in Quezon City, GoodAh! has saved me from hungry nights all the time. You don't even have to spend too much for a meal that could satisfy even your classy office-mates or family members, because they serve things that are closer to home. That I think is the value of this place, it doesn't have to be too fancy shmancy, just real food that's good, affordable, which can be appreciated by everyone.

 If you would want to have it delivered, call their branches at Sucat 88299009/7357844, Bicutan 779431210/88243166, Metrowalk 82345870/84707070, Market!Market! 85192472, Eastwood City 86617558/83533888, Timog Avenue 83729002 or Granada QC via 88758124/82473188. Check out their menu also on their website coz it's all there!



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