Vivo Y31 For Those Who Choose Fun

Wednesday, February 03, 2021

It's been a while (332 days to be exact) since the government announced the state of public health emergency in the country. You and I probably have been confined inside our homes and it has affected everyone, the economy and our lives have not become normal (hopefully soon).

Some of us may have ended frustrated about their lives. Those who have graduated recently might find themselves not able to find employment as businesses struggle. Not only that, but most of us struggle mentally, trying to survive amidst the long time of not having work, not being productive or even enjoy the things you do daily. Hence, they tagged them as "The Lost Generation" which global smartphone brand Vivo plan to counter. 

In an effort to counter the collective anxiety and lack of motivation, vivo, the global smartphone brand, and badge of self-expression, introduces its latest Y31 through a campaign that encourages the “lost generation” to welcome fun and make every day their day.

How you say? Easy. They launched the new Vivo Y31. With this phone, they hope to inspire the current generation to find their niche and confidence so they could control their own joy and begin trusting themself and become productive citizens of this country. The vivo Y31 boasts long battery life, and the feel of a flagship phone without the high price.

Even if we're feeling powerless sometimes, or still trying to find out what to do, you can still get out of that hole and do things that you are passionate about... and take out those crazy habits that take out the fun everyday. Now don't fret because Vivo will make arrangements this quarter so you can enjoy life with the Vivo Y31. As they launch this phone, they want you to feel that YOU CAN DO IT and not become lost in all this madness.

A series of exciting and engaging activities are in the pipeline come the vivo Y31 campaign launch, in its mission to contribute to the generation’s much-needed jump start and help them dodge the looming prospect of being lost. Find out how you can seize the day with the Vivo Y31 and see for the activities they have in store for you.


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