Netizens Clamor Monsour Del Rosario Inclusion in Leni-Kiko Lineup

Saturday, April 30, 2022

After the recent brouhaha regarding the flip flopping of a candidate from the Leni Robredo - Kiko Pangilinan Senate slate, Migz Zubiri was removed officially a few days ago. With this development, that particular spot has been the talk of the town and netizens are beginning to clamor for Senators be on that spot.

One of them is Monsour Del Rosario, former Olympian and Congressman of the first district of Makati who's done remarkable work in the House of Representatives. With over 292 bills and resolutions under his belt plus the very useful Telecommuting Act of 2018 or the so called Work From Home Law (which a lot of Filipinos benefited from during this pandemic), it'll be a good thing to see him formulate even more laws in the Senate. Twitter, Facebook and other social channels have been source of talk to have him as part of the official slate since he already is adopted by 1Sambayanan.

Del Rosario is currently pushing for his cause of healthcare by putting up Healthcare Heroes Card for frontliners, and pension for Athletes as sports is pretty close to his heart. He also is advocating education for children, those who are also differently abled, the need to help farmers and fisher folk, and ease of transaction with government agencies.

Monsour says "I am thankful for the support of netizens who wish for me to be part of VP Robredo and Senator Kiko's senate slate, but only they can decide on that. I know though that in the end, it will be the voters who would be able to put me in the Senate, with the help of 1Sambayanan I fervently hope we would achieve that on May 9th. I will dedicate my term for genuine service just as I have done in Congress. I am glad that I've been able to appear in the biggest Leni-Kiko sorties and talk to everyone there and Makatindig volunteer driven activities. I know we're all looking forward to a trustworthy government and commit ourselves to public service, for the Filipino and the Philippines."


Elmer Lapeña Named Executive Managing Director of SAGA

Events and production company SAGA just recently announced the designation of Executive Managing Director to Elmer Lapeña. Aside from being a director and producer of different shows, he has been in the company for 20+ years taking on lead posts in different capacities, it is now his time.

This coincides with the announcement of the renaming of SAGA from its previous Saga Events Incorporated to now being a full fledged experiential company. For those who don't know, I've watched several Philippine Fashion Week Shows and International brand launches that have been handled and executed by their group. SAGA was founded by Robby Carmona in 1995 and this expansion means they'll be taking on not just production of shows and events but physical and virtual ones, experiential marketing, digital solutions and production of content following business plans and branding ideas accordingly.

Currently, they have clients including Shell, Xiaomi, Century Tuna, Under Armour, Spotify and a whole lot more availing their services. This includes online, hybrid or physical events, website and digital campaigns for them just to name a few. Albeit challenging these days, Lapeña says "Times have been challenging for us in the industry and the recent easement of restrictions bring us hope, to hopefully brighter days for SAGA and our clients. We are bigger, better, happy about taking on this leadership role. Cheers to all of us in the industry!"

Congratulations and hope to see you in your upcoming shows!


CALISTA Conquers Araneta Coliseum with World Class Concert!

I was excited, let alone impressed that the girls from CALISTA was having a concert in Araneta Coliseum last April 26, 2022 in Quezon City. I was also glad that Liza, Denise, Anne, Dain, Elle and Olive would finally have their debut as a girl group, they've been working for years just for this... and they deserved that crowd that attended event called "VAX TO NORMAL" which they dedicated to frontliners during the pandemic. The pre-show was good as they started with several talented singers from Tyrone Escalante Artist Management. 

Then the show started.

The stage was something off international concerts, I felt that if this is just the introduction of CALISTA to what will happen in the future, they'll surely be a force to be reckoned with in the PPOP and international pop scene.  They did their latest single RACE CAR which they launched a month ago.
Yeng Constantino started it with a rock vibe singing a few of her songs including "Chinito" and 'We Will Rock You" which is a cover song from Queen (loved the setup with Calista). Elmo Magalona did a sentimental rap number singing songs of his Dad the late Francis M. Good looking dance prince Kenneth San Jose was a discovery, he was intense and impressed A LOT of people during his bit. I must admit, I'm a fan now of that guy. They brought out CALISTA's knack for performing, these are different genres they are playing with but they definitely making a mark in the first few minutes of the show.  

Stars in their own right, Darren Espanto was oozing with appeal as he made strides on the dance floor together with the ladies of Calista. The dance showdown with AC Bonifacio was also exciting, it made me think we've got a really good future ahead of us in terms of artistry because at this age, they're really very spirited dancers. Andrea Brillantes on the other hand was super fun to look at, extra bubbly and even enjoyed the dance number with Calista. She also endorse Leni Robredo by simply showing her outfit to the crowd, it's pink and that's a plus in my books! All in all, we've got a gem in our hands with Calista. They've proved with this concert that the Filipino is indeed world class! I don't know what's going to be next for Calista, but judging from their answers in the short press conference they had after the concert.... they're doing something even bigger in the next few months. I hope you get to follow them on their social channels so you can get to know them even more. They're continuing to inspire more teens to follow their dreams, I want to see them do international festivals and concerts because this one that they did in Araneta needs to be seen elsewhere. If you want to see clips of the concert, head on to my TikTok account, just search @kumagcow. 

Here's a clip of their interview after the show!

Congratulations on conquering the Araneta Coliseum CALISTA! I'm sure this is just the start!


FRESH TIME with BT21 Introduces NEW All Day Fragrance Mists

Friday, April 29, 2022


After having a grand time with the FRESH with BT21 Soothing Gel Lotions and Alcosprays released last year, it certainly looks like you're going to have another addition to your OFFICIAL BT21 MERCH COLLECTION. They call this the NEW BT21 Fragrance Mists and judging from the looks of it, you'll love these new products that Fresh Philippines is releasing in the country.

Time to #GetScentimental with new all day fragrance mists that's available in 4 scents that you will surely love!

Stargazing - It's got citrus notes, sweet smelling tropical fruits and vanilla

Fire Eclipse - A combo of fruity and floral with the elements of rose, berries, peaches and vanilla.

Sweet Calypso - It has earthy tones, like a combination of fruity mangoes, citrusy like mandarin and floral jasmine.

Hazy Moon - It will remind you of oranges and peaches, plus flowers like freesias (a bit like strawberries).

With these variations, there's surely something that your friends or family would love. You can get the Fragrance Mists with a 10 percent discount from May 2-8, 2022 @Watsonsph online. If you're a  BT21 lover, time to make space on your shelves and use these products on days that end with a Y. It's only Php 149, sweet!

So tell me, who's it gonna be? :)


COCO MARTIN and Task Force AGILA All Stars Appear in AP Partylist Sortie in Tondo, Manila

Yesterday was an eye opener for me. I got to witness a grand campaign by Ako'y Pilipino Partylist in Parola Tondo, Manila. It's actually very far from where I live and a bit adamant to go, but hearing that Coco Martin was part of the people pushing for the cause of AP Partylist tells me I should listen more about their platforms... this time, live and in person.

For those who don't know, they've been very active in helping people during the height of the COVID-19 crisis where Representative Ronnie Ong is running for 1st nominee. He did several projects these past few years which include free transportation for health workers,  helping farmers to get their produce to centralized pantries to feed communities, free tablets and access to internet connection for teachers and students who are having difficulty during the pandemic. This benefited communities around the country and helped public utility drivers, farmers, frontline workers to get to and from their work place. They also provided work for some ABSCBN workers who got laid off during the station's franchise woes that left 10K plus employees fending for themselves.

Coco and TASK FORCE AGILA knew about their deeds which is why they are in full force supporting AP Partylist #164 so that they may continue their projects in communities such as this one in Tondo, Manila. Coco says "Cong Ronnie has always been working so hard, we've been witness to that. Now it's our turn to support him, and hopefully you will too by choosing #164 AP Partylist on May 9th."

 Coco and Task Force AGILA came from a long day of roaming the streets of Manila (through a motorcade from noon til night time). The place filled up in no time as it was pretty close to a community. They got a DJ from Cebu, DJ Jhaiho and Amazing Betong to host the event. It was met with excitement as several lucky guys and gals got to participate in games they prepared that evening. A mini pageant, a dance off, that got all of us entertained while waiting for the celebrities to come out. 


  Aside from singing, dancing and entertaining the crowd that evening, each of the Task Force Agila celebrities had the chance to talk to the crowd about Cong. Ron's projects which he still continues to do today. Marc Solis, John Medina, John Pratts, Raymart Santiago, Angel Aquino, Michael De Mesa, told us about the importance of having someone out there to help people in times of crisis, when people don't have jobs and how they could earn a living (they also help MSME's and fund projects). They are also supporting Vice President Leni Robredo who's running for President as well this 2022. 


Meanwhile, Sancho Vito de las Alas joined Bassilyo, Sisa, Smugglaz who consider this their home turf so they got the crowd hyped up right before Coco Martin came out from back stage. They sung the "Ako'y Pilipino" theme, rapped some parts of it which touched a lot of the audience last night. They ended the festivities with Coco Martin going up on stage and the whole Task Force AGILA singing to the crowd. Coco reiterated how people need to help AP Partylist and Congressman Ronnie Ong have all of us who care about these causes true representation in the lower house. Because at the end of the day, each one counts! 

P.S.Thank you to the kind people behind this event who had us experience this last night.

/*photos with AP Partylist watermark belong to AP Partylist FB Page and is not mine.

Viral Rap Artist EZ MIL's Starts "PANALO" Homecoming Tour on April 29th - Manila

Thursday, April 28, 2022


I've had the opportunity to ask questions a couple of times on Zoom to interview EZ MIL. After his hit song PANALO blew up in the charts, the clamor to have him here in the Philippines grew. Sure enough, as restrictions in the country relaxed a bit, he hopped on a plane and arrived to his homeland the Philippines to start what we now call "EZ MIL: PANALO Homecoming Tour 2022".

The press conference was held in an upscale bar in Tomas Morato, Quezon City a couple days ago and I was so happy I got to see him in the flesh. The good looking guy was flanked by his equally talented sister Raining Sorrow, Froilan Canlas, Kiefer Sanchez, Kelly Canoza, HBOM. Ren and his entourage. They were excited to talk about the show and what was going to happen in different parts of the country. This April 29th, they're starting the tour in New Frontier Theater in Araneta Center. 

EZ says "I'm excited, I'm ecstatic that I will get to perform with the people I look up to. I used to explore music of what genre I should do, I learned a lot from that, it was my outlet back then. Right now we have 2 singles out but we'll have an album out soon. I want to attempt to always do better than what I use to just do covers with. Being in the states, I just want to give back to all the people that helped me to get here including co-artists and some of my family. Super excited to do this, we will go crazy on stage!"

We got a little piece of what he'll be doing in the concert, so here, enjoy!

@kumagcow @ezmil is in the Philippines for his PANALO HOMECOMING TOUR #FilipinoAmerican #rap #EZMIL #EntertainmentPH #tiktokshowbizreporter ♬ original sound - John Bueno

@kumagcow EZ MIL is such a cray performer, tickets now out for his #Panalo Tour 🐮❤️ #EntertainmentPH #tiktokshowbizreporter #EZMIL #FilipinoAmerican #rap #opm @ezmil ♬ original sound - John Bueno

Here's our interview with some of the performers and EZ MIL

Other concert venues will be in Davao SMX on May 1st, Legazpi City Astrodome on May 6th, Baguio City on May 13th, and his home town in Subic Olongapo Subic Gym on May 15th. Tickets are being sold at or SM Tickets and Ticketnet. Go check out our recent uploads on TikTok (@kumagcow) to see how EZ MIL sings, the man has awesome pipes!


Maine Mendoza Joins Arjo Atayde in Campaign Trail

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

It's almost May 9th and Congressional hopeful Arjo Atayde is busy introducing himself as a neophyte in Quezon City's 1st District. Just a few days ago, he went to communities together with Team Aksyon Agad's Dr. Doray Delarmente, Joseph Juico, TJ Calalay, Charm Ferrer, Bernard Herrera who are running as councilors in the same area. People have gone out in throngs to welcome him and the team, and it was extra special because he had his lucky charm by his side... the beautiful Maine Mendoza.

Arjo recently topped the Istratehiya Inc. survey at 74.9 percent, something he and his family has been very thankful for these past few weeks which is why he's very eager to visit different barangays and talk to people. Arjo says "I enjoy going to different homes in District 1 because I could personally interact with people. I love that connection, while following protocols, we talk to them to get to know them even more."

Arjo and Maine made sure each time they talk to people, it was going to be memorable and light hearted. People have always adored the lovely couple and seeing Maine in the campaign trail this time surely spelled her support for the real life boyfriend. Make sure you visit Arjo Atayde's social channels to know more about his next activities.

So happy for you Arjo! :)



Looks like there's a new spot in Greenhills that you have to visit today, it's called Greenhills Skyline and they opened it a few days ago. It sits right above the Connecticut Arcade and boasts an open air space with lovely San Juan cityscape views while you enjoy affordable food, booze and music to entertain family and friends in this district.

Food Selections

If you're looking for a quick snack or something to share, they've got a lot of merchants in this floor that you would enjoy. From Italian and Filipino viands, street food, sushi, shawarma, cord nogs, juices, coffee, cocktails and a whole lot more are available... and they're not that expensive which is a plus on the budget conscious.

Must try vendors include Kape Imperial who serve single origin coffee from the Philippines, Sunset bar for their cocktails and beer. You can also buy fruits and fresh produce from the Urban Garden during the weekends. Not to mention the lovely bean bag area so you can chat with friends and family while having bar chow and food from the stores there. You can choose from Tuna Town Ihaw-Ihaw for grilled stuff, Takamura Sushi and Ramen for some Japanese flare, House of Pizza and Pasta for those who want something Italian, Fresh Deli for fruit shakes and juices, Zhai's Delights for Filipino desserts, King Shawarma for middle eastern food, Wings on Wheels for your spicy wing fix, Monster Burger for grilled Australian Beef burgers, Hungry for Hungarian for sausages, corndogs and Vigan Empanada, Mix n' Munch for fried street food faves, and a whole lot more.

They are open mall hours and even have busking/performers on special days, go visit them soon! I'll be going there this weekend with some blogger friends, I hope I get to experience this (because I got stuck in traffic and got no grab a few days ago). I'm just so excited for this new spot!


A Realistic and Endearing Family Drama: MISIS PIGGY on iWantTFC

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Got to watch MISIS PIGGY a few days ago. This was during the press screening which happened over the weekend. This is first and foremost a family story, albeit somewhat dysfunctional because of their separation (Marivic and Rupert played by Ms. Sylvia Sanchez and Ricky Davao), you can still feel how the love for each other surfaces when they need it.

If you were in the shoes of Lani, Steffi and Jeffrey (played by Ria Atayde, Iana Bernardez and Elijah Canlas), you would be hungry for a Father's love but have to remain understanding because your folks relationship didn't really end well. It wouldn't be a easy to balance when and where your Dad would become present if you had special occasions and this is where you'll look like you have to balance things so as not to hurt your Mom who's been with you for a long time and your Dad who just came into the picture. Ria Atayde tries to reason out as Lani but it will eventually fall on deaf ears with Marivic (her real life Mom Ms. Sylvia). I am really excited to see how their dynamics would eventually pan out as they started leaving their Mom's house after interacting with their Dad during the graduation of Jeffrey. I like the sub plots too which BL lovers would adore, plus the whole drama scenes with Lani and her Dad Rupert at the swimming pool which you should look forward to.

Ria was supported by good friends Kyle Echarri and Darren Espanto


The advanced screening only had us watch about 2 episodes and I wouldn't want to spoil things, but honestly Ms. Sylvia Sanchez is a given, but this would be a huge opportunity for Ria Atayde, Iana Bernardez and Elijah Canlas to showcase their acting prowess. The first few episodes have proven they are at par, or gave even more what the role asked for.  Go watch it on iWantTFC today because you'll be touched by the story. You can download the app now on Google Play or App Store, or just watch it on their website.

Congratulations to everyone who is a part of this series, can't wait for the next few episodes. I'm sure it'll be good!


TEEJAY MARQUEZ Releases GoodSkin Skincare Line

Monday, April 25, 2022

Actor, influencer and YouTube star Teejay Marquez seem to be on a roll with his endeavors this year. Recently, he launched his own line of skincaer products he aptly called GOODSKIN. Not surprising as he's one of the most good looking guys in the country, and well enough, he takes care of his skin which I'm sure would be one of the things that his fans love about him!

Teejay appears in the latest top rated show "Mano Po Legacy: Her Big Boss" and a lot of his fans were asking about how he keeps his skin that flawless. This was something he thought about during the pandemic, he knew then that there was a demand for it. He says "I tried looking for people who had the same vision as I do, and thankfully we found one during the last quarter of 2021. With this, I have my own business and it is involved in wellness which is something that I care for. I used to not care about skin regimens in the past but when fans were asking me about it, that's what spurred to take thie initiative. I feel it's a way of giving back, and I'm glad about that."

He adds "GoodSkin can be for all skin types, and is made from organic and natural ingredients which is ideal for Pinoys. This should restore your natural youthful glow. Having good skin I must say is not just things you put on your face, but a lifestyle. It's how you eat, rest and sleep, how you take good care of your body."

Teejay is also planning to have foreign models and endorsers but assures that all their products will be affordable price wise. This would be good for those planning for a summer getaway and they'll be coming out with more products and promotions on GoodSkin social channels (Facebook and IG) and these will be available in online stores Lazada and Shopee, make sure you check them out there too!


Next Level Entertainment: LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Projector

There are plenty of comfy places to be at home, but nothing beats a good room. It's your refuge, where one could relax and chill after a long hard day's work, and settle to be entertained for hours. Usually, I stare at my TV and watch hours upon hours worth of YouTube videos, Netflix movies + series, plus a couple videos I have on the local network. When I have friends, loved ones over, it's a little troublesome to just have everyone squeeze themselves just to get a view of the show.  This was when I felt I had to up the ante, time to level up with the LUMOS RAY Projector. 

I used to love going to the movie houses and watching premieres with my friends pre-pandemic. I enjoy how it feels to be in an enclosed space, uncontrolled air conditioning, and audio that you once couldn't replicate at home. I know what I was getting myself into and if my hunch is right, the LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Projector can do wonders to have that experience safely at home.

Now I know a lot of people probably think it looks so complicated to have one for your room, but I must say, this is pretty simple to set up and I've really had my fair share of adventures when it comes to things like these because I've used a lot over the years, I feel this will impress. Let's take it out of the box!


Simple Assembly

As I took it out of the box, there were only a few things in it. The power cable, the HDMI Cable, the remote, a LUMOS RAY Quick install guide (which you should keep) and the 3.5mm Jack to RCA cable. I took a couple of my AAA batteries and put them in on the remote. I decided to use the HDMI cable that came with the product and connected it to my laptop so I can simply play anything on it and enjoy. Aside from that, I like the strap on it because it's thick and stable when hung (if I do choose to do that in the future). As of now, I don't have a platform to put this in so I decided to use the same tripod I have for my ring light and it actually is standard, it fits perfectly!

This is the Smart version, which means it can connect to the internet via WiFi. I hooked the HDMI and Power Cable to the device and turned it on. Then I began putting in the information of my network so I could start using the projector.

And that I did. What I like about this is that I didn't have to install any apps on my smartphone for it to work. It's a SMART device which means it already came with software pre-installed. The interface is also simple, you have your YouTube, Netflix, Bluetooth Speaker mode, Source (for data coming from the ports), AirScreen (for casting/screen mirroring) and Local (to browse for files on storage). If you think about it, this already tells what the LUMOS RAY Projector can actually do. Photos or videos? Play? This can do that.

I had a really huge gray wall on the west side of my room. I painted it shiny so it wouldn't look bare in the daytime but it also had some of my hand prints when I wiped to clean it. I know this would be a lot better if I had matte white walls instead, but it works on any surface which is a good thing. I might have a small space in my room, but with this, I could very well have the whole wall as my TV where I could watch YouTube, Movies, or even see the content I make when I need to.

The LUMOS RAY Projector also has an app store, so simply sign in with your Google Account to download even more software to watch movies in different languages (as I've seen some Spanish selections) or listen to music. It's got a mean Dolby Audio Speaker system which you could use with your Spotify playlist, those parties in your room would surely become possible. Aside from that, it felt like a cinema when I watched a few shows on Netflix... I don't think I'll be going out much because of it.

I love GTA5 which I religiously watch on my phone on HD. There are content creators that do role play and do crazy stuff  in the city of Los Santos (which they all have drawn from Los Angeles). I streamed it all last night through the YouTube app on the LUMOS RAY Projector and it was AWESOME! I felt I was really part of the scenes because it was all clear, very bright utilizing the 3000 Lumens it has. It made it all vivid compared to previous projectors I had which had ghosts in it. I wouldn't want to say it's all washed out, but it's a lot different which I appreciate more with this one. People need to experience that. Gone are the days of projectors that cost hundreds of thousands pesos, this does the job even with its small size... it's very light and portable.

Aesthetically Pleasing to the Eyes


My room's theme is minimalist, I only have monochrome colored items in it. It follows my site's theme because I feel it's pleasing to the eyes. I was ecstatic to see the LUMOS RAY Home Projector was in the same color scheme and I didn't have to adjust whatsoever in the grand scale of things. Design wise, they made it modern with just a few lines, but well ventilated since it still has a light source which can be a source of heat. I used it for an hour or so and didn't cause any problems and I'm sure it'll be a cinch for those movies you love. 

As you can see, ports available for the LUMOS RAY Home Projector are for audio, AV, HDMI (which I use), USB (for external storage) and TF (TF means TransFlash Card which is an earlier term for micro SD Cards). I will build a special shelf on my wall so I don't have to set up the tripod as often for the projector so I could just plug it in and go. I love how they made this product simple, so whether you're a techie or not you can still find it easy to use this for those special moments with family, friends, and your loved ones. All you need to do is choose a title, put the popcorn in the microwave oven and bowl, prepare drinks... then take your old sweet time to make memories. LUMOS RAY Home Projector will take care of the entertainment, because you deserve it.

Where To Get It?

If you want one, it's quite easy to order via their official website It costs Php 8,999 for the regular one and Php 11,999 for the LUMOS RAY Smart version including a 1 year warranty. See why celebrities, artists, bloggers and influencers show their love for the LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Projector and why they enjoy it to this date.


Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo is a BEKO Pro!

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Everybody loves Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo! She's the first ambassador for BEKO, the number one European appliance company. Aside from being the queen of Filipino soap operas, an award winning actress, business woman, she's a mother of three and wife to Ryan. Just like you, she's aware that she does inspire people... and she also makes an effort to live healthy and have sustainable lives. Just like the brand she represents, they believe she can live her best life.

Judy Ann cooks for her family, her two restaurants called ANGRYdobo and her YouTube channel Judy Ann's Kitchen. She says "Just like Beko, I focus on healthy living for myself and my family.I learned a lot being Beko's ambassador, because with their appliances we all get to eat healthy. I have very picky kids, and you'v got to be ready at all times. I even have refrigerators from Beko that can have food, vegetables and fruits stay fresh longer. Thanks to its HarvestFresh technology I save a lot of time and not go to markets frequently. I also take care of laundy and with Beko's SteamCure Hygiene+ technology, I take my son's soild clothes and assure that everything is clean right after. I don't worry if they have outdoor activities."

Judy Ann also loves the Beko cookers and ovens. She adds "I always need reliable cookers and ovens because I do a lot of cooking for and make content for my YouTube channel. The Beko oven is huge, I can cook a lot of dishes in one go. With CookMaster on it, 5 dishes can be done in no time."

Beko is available in leading appliance centers, authorized stores nationwide. If you want healthy living and do it like Juday, go check out or their official channels


Chocful Solution for the Summer Heat from Jollibee

It's so hot outside you could fry an egg on top of cars these days. Mind you, it's almost rainy season but we're sweating buckets even in the evenings. Well don't fret, there's always a cool reason to enjoy this hot weather from our friends at Jollibee. They aptly call it Jollibee Summer Floats... and I've actually tried some of it already.

The soda based Coke Float and Royal Float have all been a favorite. I like sweet endings in meals so I order a couple for me and my family. Thing is, they've got a new one offered this season to keep you refreshed, it's the new JOLLIBEE CHOCO FLOAT! It's iced chocolate drink topped with vanilla soft serve ice cream which can make your drink creamier, a bit sweeter.

It's also easy to get them via the Jollibee Delivery App, their website or dial #87000. They are also available in delivery apps Grab and Foodpanda, so if you're looking for relief from the scorching heat, this would be good! Follow their social channels for more information about it!


Reader’s Digest Outs Most Trusted Brands and Personalities Award for 2022

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Reader's Digest is celebrating their 100th year and last April 8th, they got us to cover the awarding ceremonies for the Most Trusted Brands and Personalities in the Philippines. This is an annual event where patrons decide the best of the best in different products, services and people in different industries. It also brings the brand prestige, that in a multitude of names out there, they're the ones that Filipinos trust the most.

The Garden Ballroom at the EDSA Shangri-La Hotel Manila was actually packed with executives and CEO's, representatives from different companies who were there to receive their awards. Entertainment was provided by world class singer Hannah Precillas from Sparkle GMA Artist Center. Present also on the occasion was Reader’s Digest Asia Pacific Advertising Sales Director Sheron White who gave welcome remarks and the awards for the brands that day.

Reader's Digest Editor in Chief Ms. Louise Waterson says "For consumer brands, it is hard to secure trust. This takes years to establish and nurture. Though hard, we have seen that happen this year even if we're undergoing hardships amidst the pandemic. They are living up to serve the consumers who are vital to their success. Congratulations to the winners!"

Gold Awards went to these brands:

Air Conditioner – Carrier and Condura
Air Freight/Courier Service – J&T Express
Air Purifier – Sharp
Baby Store – Mothercare
Consumer Loan – BDO
Cooking Oil – Baguio Oil
Face Mask – CopperMask and Indoplas
Investment Fund Company – AIA and BDO
Life Insurance – AIA and Manulife
Milk Tea Shop (new category) – Macao Imperial Tea
Optical Shop/Store – Ideal Vision Center
Personal Computer – Acer
Plasticware – Orocan
TV Network – ABS-CBN
Washing Machine – Sharp and Whirlpool

They also announced the winner for Platinum Awards

Bank – BDO
Broadband/Fibre Internet Service – PLDT Home Fibr
Credit Card Issuing Bank – BDO
Life Insurance – Sun Life Philippines
Mattress – Uratex
Optical Shop/ Store – Executive Optical
Pen – Pilot
Pharmacy/ Drug Store – Mercury Drug
TV Network – GMA Network

Familiar names also were seen on the Most Trusted Personalities award.

Jessica Soho for Most Trusted TV News Presenter
Mike Enriquez for the Most Trusted Radio Presenter
Senator Manny Pacquiao wins Most Trusted Sportsperson
Vice Ganda also got the Most Trusted Entertainment/Variety Presenter

If you would want to see the complete list of winners, check out Readers Digest Most Trusted Brands and Personalities on their April 2022 issue. Congratulations to everyone who made it on the list!