Huawei 2021 Report: Achieving Milestones, Investing in Future Technologies

Wednesday, April 06, 2022

Still reaping milestones during a stressful year, Huawei has been able to get CNY 636.8 Billion profit in year 2021 and a huge CNY 113.7 Billion net profit for the same year which is over 75.9% increase year on year. A substantial 142.7 Billion though went to expenses which is a mere 22.4 percent of its total earnings, but is expected to invest further more in research and development in the coming years. They attribute this to steady growth in the enterprise and consumer business sector and the work they've put in on the development of their ecosystem.

Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou puts this as a win despite revenue decrease during this year and she says "This is due to how we are able to make a profit and increase cash flows. We certainly are able to deal with uncertainties in the market, we increased operations specifically the Huawei carrier business and how we got to deploy 5G networks in different countries. We have partnered with carriers hence signing around 3000 entities/contracts for more 5G applications. It's being used in districts that have manufacturing plants, mines, iron and steel plants, including ports and hospitals which are essential industries.

What's even better is their vision for growth is going to continue, investing in future technologies targeting transportation, energy production, finance and the manufacturing sector. A little more than 700 cities around the world benefited from their partnership with Huawei which includes Fortune 500 corps.

According to Simon Lin, Huawei's President for Asia Pacific "Our strategy this year includes increase in R&D investment, be in the middle of technologies concerning connectivity and computing. We will also get involved in digital power and cloud computing, so we'd have digital economy triggers in the Asia Pacific region."

Huawei continues to push for digitalization in various industries, to transform them while keeping the planet alive through low carbon emission efforts. That's a noble deed.


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