Chocful Solution for the Summer Heat from Jollibee

Sunday, April 24, 2022

It's so hot outside you could fry an egg on top of cars these days. Mind you, it's almost rainy season but we're sweating buckets even in the evenings. Well don't fret, there's always a cool reason to enjoy this hot weather from our friends at Jollibee. They aptly call it Jollibee Summer Floats... and I've actually tried some of it already.

The soda based Coke Float and Royal Float have all been a favorite. I like sweet endings in meals so I order a couple for me and my family. Thing is, they've got a new one offered this season to keep you refreshed, it's the new JOLLIBEE CHOCO FLOAT! It's iced chocolate drink topped with vanilla soft serve ice cream which can make your drink creamier, a bit sweeter.

It's also easy to get them via the Jollibee Delivery App, their website or dial #87000. They are also available in delivery apps Grab and Foodpanda, so if you're looking for relief from the scorching heat, this would be good! Follow their social channels for more information about it!


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