PayMaya About To Make Crypto Easy

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

ooks like it's going to be easier to get crypto as a part of your financial portfolio as PayMaya launches their crypto feature. This means you can buy and get digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum even for Php 1, something unimaginable in the past.

Usually, it takes a lot of verification and e-wallet funds in order to join the crypto journey but now, they've managed to use their Invest platform and connect everything for ease of transactions. This is through Coinbase Institutional, the largest traded crypto company in the world which will bridge ordinary joes  like you and me to utilize the PayMaya app access to their suite of products, you'll be trading a lot in no time.

Only Upgraded PayMaya users can access this in the app so make sure you do that before it launches to the public soon. They will have tutorials too so you get to navigate things easier, know when to buy, sell, hold or cash out in your PayMaya app. What's even better is that you can use PayMaya too to transfer funds into your bank so it wouldn't be hard to manage funds because it's all in one place.

Just tap the Crypto option on the PayMaya app, buy the selected crypto currency, confirm the transaction and slide to buy. It then will show on your Crypto page once the transaction has gone through, it's really that easy.

Go check out or their socials to know more about this. I'll be ready when it goes up!


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