ARJO ATAYDE Tops Survey in QC's 1st District

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

How can you not love Arjo?! :)

Not surprised that our man Arjo Atayde is doing good in District 1 Quezon City. See, our boy puts in the hard work, genuine eagerness to help and that’s exactly why he’s leading in the surveys. This is according to Istratehiya Inc. where it confirms 74.9% for the congressional hopeful after being asked of who would have the ability to help, capacity to understand the plight of the less fortunate, honesty, intelligence, being tough and the ability to help others whilst not being a traditional politician.

Arjo knows how hard his volunteers have dedicated their time and effort to inform constituents about what he plans for District 1, while not resorting to mudslinging on ground. While he knows there are existing black propaganda hurled against him, he’s very glad QC’s District 1 remains trusting of him. 

Arjo says “What District 1 in QC needs is help, none of those black propaganda or rumor mongering. If elected, I’d choose to work closely with government agencies to generate more jobs and livelihood. Also, I’d concentrate on improving transportation and health care, and address providing education for the unprivileged youth. We can’t be complacent just because we’re leading the surveys, we’ve got a lot to do aside from assuring we have clean and honest elections, let’s not allow them to steal our votes on May 9th.”

I’m glad our boy Arjo is also being supported by his whole family (Actress Ria Atayde, Best Actress Ms. Sylvia Sanchez and  Businessman Art Atayde), and our incumbent Mayor Joy Belmonte too. You guys in District 1 of QC are lucky, he’s a good man.


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