FRESH TIME with BT21 Introduces NEW All Day Fragrance Mists

Friday, April 29, 2022


After having a grand time with the FRESH with BT21 Soothing Gel Lotions and Alcosprays released last year, it certainly looks like you're going to have another addition to your OFFICIAL BT21 MERCH COLLECTION. They call this the NEW BT21 Fragrance Mists and judging from the looks of it, you'll love these new products that Fresh Philippines is releasing in the country.

Time to #GetScentimental with new all day fragrance mists that's available in 4 scents that you will surely love!

Stargazing - It's got citrus notes, sweet smelling tropical fruits and vanilla

Fire Eclipse - A combo of fruity and floral with the elements of rose, berries, peaches and vanilla.

Sweet Calypso - It has earthy tones, like a combination of fruity mangoes, citrusy like mandarin and floral jasmine.

Hazy Moon - It will remind you of oranges and peaches, plus flowers like freesias (a bit like strawberries).

With these variations, there's surely something that your friends or family would love. You can get the Fragrance Mists with a 10 percent discount from May 2-8, 2022 @Watsonsph online. If you're a  BT21 lover, time to make space on your shelves and use these products on days that end with a Y. It's only Php 149, sweet!

So tell me, who's it gonna be? :)


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