A Realistic and Endearing Family Drama: MISIS PIGGY on iWantTFC

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Got to watch MISIS PIGGY a few days ago. This was during the press screening which happened over the weekend. This is first and foremost a family story, albeit somewhat dysfunctional because of their separation (Marivic and Rupert played by Ms. Sylvia Sanchez and Ricky Davao), you can still feel how the love for each other surfaces when they need it.

If you were in the shoes of Lani, Steffi and Jeffrey (played by Ria Atayde, Iana Bernardez and Elijah Canlas), you would be hungry for a Father's love but have to remain understanding because your folks relationship didn't really end well. It wouldn't be a easy to balance when and where your Dad would become present if you had special occasions and this is where you'll look like you have to balance things so as not to hurt your Mom who's been with you for a long time and your Dad who just came into the picture. Ria Atayde tries to reason out as Lani but it will eventually fall on deaf ears with Marivic (her real life Mom Ms. Sylvia). I am really excited to see how their dynamics would eventually pan out as they started leaving their Mom's house after interacting with their Dad during the graduation of Jeffrey. I like the sub plots too which BL lovers would adore, plus the whole drama scenes with Lani and her Dad Rupert at the swimming pool which you should look forward to.

Ria was supported by good friends Kyle Echarri and Darren Espanto


The advanced screening only had us watch about 2 episodes and I wouldn't want to spoil things, but honestly Ms. Sylvia Sanchez is a given, but this would be a huge opportunity for Ria Atayde, Iana Bernardez and Elijah Canlas to showcase their acting prowess. The first few episodes have proven they are at par, or gave even more what the role asked for.  Go watch it on iWantTFC today because you'll be touched by the story. You can download the app now on Google Play or App Store, or just watch it on their website.

Congratulations to everyone who is a part of this series, can't wait for the next few episodes. I'm sure it'll be good!


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