3rd Biggest TIMEZONE Opens at Robinsons Place Manila

Sunday, April 10, 2022

y love for the arcades span years when I used to compete in different shops in Metro Manila. It further sparked my gamer life... and I've made lifelong friends which I treasure to this day. What I love about this form of entertainment is that it transcends time, as it is the perfect bonding time for people of any age and I still love it today. A few days ago, I've had the pleasure of spending time at the third largest TIMEZONE in the Philippines. This is located at Robinsons Place Manila's second floor at the end of the Pedro Gil wing, and it was so much fun to be in an arcade again after so many years!

Entertainment like this was surely missed during the last few years and I'm so glad restrictions have eased, and we can now enjoy a world class family entertainment center at the heart of Manila. We also got to talk to Rafael Prats Jr. the President and GM of TIMEZONE in the Philippines as he explained some of the new things the new branch will offer - including several short Tenpin Bowling and Duckpin lanes which people tend to get addicted to the whole day. Aside from that they've got several billiard tables which Dads, Sons, your friends can enjoy! There are also several Karaoke Kiosks where you can sing to your hearts content without the public judging you because it is an enclosed space. They also have a new 9D ride which people loved so much, it had a line in just a few minutes.

Thank you to Azrael Coladilla and Ruth Dela Cruz for taking photos of me while I was seriously playing for tickets at the newest TIMEZONE in Robinsons Place Manila

Much of the machines in this new venue actually come out with tickets which you can save and use to exchange with toys, plushies and food items. My personal favorite is the one that spins around and cough up discs that contain the value of tickets, I got 1K worth of it from that. I exchanged it for snacks and a plushie so I have something to give my Mom when I get home. She loved it!

Here's a short tour of the place on video, please enjoy!
Folks who love crane machines will be in plushie and ticket heaven as they've got a lot of these in the new TIMEZONE branch. Miss Universe Philippines National Director Shamcey Supsup was also there playing with her whole family. She represents ARTE partylist who represent entertainment industry workers and artists, she's really beautiful!

By the way, their prize redemption center was like a candy store. You can enter yourself and shop for the prize you want personally. Then they just scan your card for the equivalent points, pretty easy. I had so much fun at TIMEZONE and for sure, I will be back to play more of the games I did good at. Thank you so much to the people at TIMEZONE in Robinsons Place Manila, now you have more reasons to enjoy time with family and friends in Manila. Time for fun!


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