Wednesday, April 20, 2022

ooks like you're going to be treated to a dance off unlike no other as Catriona Gray hosts the search for the next P-POP Icon called TOP CLASS.

This afternoon, we got to talk to Brian Puspos, the dance mentor for the competition. He's a Houston based guy, part of SoReal Cru and Mos Wanted Crew who landed runner up and third in America's Best Dance Crew on its Second and Seventh season. He's a deadly choreographer and worked with the likes of Justin Bieber, Chris Brown and several K-POP acts (oh you know who they are) just to name a few.

Brian says "It means the world to me, being a Filipino American, we've been in the forefront of dance and this program will get Filipinos to reach their dreams. This is what it means for me. Having the discipline to work very very hard, it's what I'm looking for. Working with the KPOP stars, I've seen how hard they work, how much they put into their craft, but Filipinos have a knack to go beyond that. It's special because this is brand new, I'm excited. It's amazing I've seen very talented PPOP groups, I would love to work with my people and hopefully get to see them in the Philippines soon. I'm really grateful for this opportunity. It's given me confidence to work with Chris Brown who saw and reached out a couple times and it was really cool to be commended by megastars commending our work. BTS stood out because I also saw how hard they work, in everything they do, the work ethic is something that I really respect, which I hope to expect with the contestants of Top Class too. Filipinos are some of the best dancers in the world, I hope they continue to learn and grow. For me, I also have much more to learn and I look forward to do that in the dance community in the country. I'll be there in June, I always go there like once a year so I'm pretty familiar with the place. I think I've learned a lot in Texas, the time is now to take the leap and I'm pursuing this. Pour out your heart on stage, think of it as the last thing you'll do every time you do that. If you have insecurities, pick yourself up, get it out of your head, as dance will make you confident."

He adds "My parents were ballroom dancers who compete, I kinda absorbed that trait when I was a kid. I guess I was inspired by them. I've been preparing for this role my whole dance life, I fell that I am ready and credible to be mentoring Top Class, I'm ready to work. Any superstar or celebrity I worked with. Being in a couple reality shows, I've seen how mentors became really good behind the camera. I'm going to be an educator, to make everyone be better. That's what I'm here for."

By the way, today is the last day to submit your audition videos, if you haven't yet please do because this is a big opportunity especially for dance fanatics, if you are part of crews who have been in the Philippine contest scene for a long time.

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