Next Level Entertainment: LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Projector

Monday, April 25, 2022

There are plenty of comfy places to be at home, but nothing beats a good room. It's your refuge, where one could relax and chill after a long hard day's work, and settle to be entertained for hours. Usually, I stare at my TV and watch hours upon hours worth of YouTube videos, Netflix movies + series, plus a couple videos I have on the local network. When I have friends, loved ones over, it's a little troublesome to just have everyone squeeze themselves just to get a view of the show.  This was when I felt I had to up the ante, time to level up with the LUMOS RAY Projector. 

I used to love going to the movie houses and watching premieres with my friends pre-pandemic. I enjoy how it feels to be in an enclosed space, uncontrolled air conditioning, and audio that you once couldn't replicate at home. I know what I was getting myself into and if my hunch is right, the LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Projector can do wonders to have that experience safely at home.

Now I know a lot of people probably think it looks so complicated to have one for your room, but I must say, this is pretty simple to set up and I've really had my fair share of adventures when it comes to things like these because I've used a lot over the years, I feel this will impress. Let's take it out of the box!


Simple Assembly

As I took it out of the box, there were only a few things in it. The power cable, the HDMI Cable, the remote, a LUMOS RAY Quick install guide (which you should keep) and the 3.5mm Jack to RCA cable. I took a couple of my AAA batteries and put them in on the remote. I decided to use the HDMI cable that came with the product and connected it to my laptop so I can simply play anything on it and enjoy. Aside from that, I like the strap on it because it's thick and stable when hung (if I do choose to do that in the future). As of now, I don't have a platform to put this in so I decided to use the same tripod I have for my ring light and it actually is standard, it fits perfectly!

This is the Smart version, which means it can connect to the internet via WiFi. I hooked the HDMI and Power Cable to the device and turned it on. Then I began putting in the information of my network so I could start using the projector.

And that I did. What I like about this is that I didn't have to install any apps on my smartphone for it to work. It's a SMART device which means it already came with software pre-installed. The interface is also simple, you have your YouTube, Netflix, Bluetooth Speaker mode, Source (for data coming from the ports), AirScreen (for casting/screen mirroring) and Local (to browse for files on storage). If you think about it, this already tells what the LUMOS RAY Projector can actually do. Photos or videos? Play? This can do that.

I had a really huge gray wall on the west side of my room. I painted it shiny so it wouldn't look bare in the daytime but it also had some of my hand prints when I wiped to clean it. I know this would be a lot better if I had matte white walls instead, but it works on any surface which is a good thing. I might have a small space in my room, but with this, I could very well have the whole wall as my TV where I could watch YouTube, Movies, or even see the content I make when I need to.

The LUMOS RAY Projector also has an app store, so simply sign in with your Google Account to download even more software to watch movies in different languages (as I've seen some Spanish selections) or listen to music. It's got a mean Dolby Audio Speaker system which you could use with your Spotify playlist, those parties in your room would surely become possible. Aside from that, it felt like a cinema when I watched a few shows on Netflix... I don't think I'll be going out much because of it.

I love GTA5 which I religiously watch on my phone on HD. There are content creators that do role play and do crazy stuff  in the city of Los Santos (which they all have drawn from Los Angeles). I streamed it all last night through the YouTube app on the LUMOS RAY Projector and it was AWESOME! I felt I was really part of the scenes because it was all clear, very bright utilizing the 3000 Lumens it has. It made it all vivid compared to previous projectors I had which had ghosts in it. I wouldn't want to say it's all washed out, but it's a lot different which I appreciate more with this one. People need to experience that. Gone are the days of projectors that cost hundreds of thousands pesos, this does the job even with its small size... it's very light and portable.

Aesthetically Pleasing to the Eyes


My room's theme is minimalist, I only have monochrome colored items in it. It follows my site's theme because I feel it's pleasing to the eyes. I was ecstatic to see the LUMOS RAY Home Projector was in the same color scheme and I didn't have to adjust whatsoever in the grand scale of things. Design wise, they made it modern with just a few lines, but well ventilated since it still has a light source which can be a source of heat. I used it for an hour or so and didn't cause any problems and I'm sure it'll be a cinch for those movies you love. 

As you can see, ports available for the LUMOS RAY Home Projector are for audio, AV, HDMI (which I use), USB (for external storage) and TF (TF means TransFlash Card which is an earlier term for micro SD Cards). I will build a special shelf on my wall so I don't have to set up the tripod as often for the projector so I could just plug it in and go. I love how they made this product simple, so whether you're a techie or not you can still find it easy to use this for those special moments with family, friends, and your loved ones. All you need to do is choose a title, put the popcorn in the microwave oven and bowl, prepare drinks... then take your old sweet time to make memories. LUMOS RAY Home Projector will take care of the entertainment, because you deserve it.

Where To Get It?

If you want one, it's quite easy to order via their official website It costs Php 8,999 for the regular one and Php 11,999 for the LUMOS RAY Smart version including a 1 year warranty. See why celebrities, artists, bloggers and influencers show their love for the LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Projector and why they enjoy it to this date.


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